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I love a cute back story. “XO Coffee Company” started as a dream and the name of the shop has a cute meaning and story behind it. A couple owns the coffee shop and the name of the shop is stemmed off of what they would sign their text messages to one another while they were dating, “xoxo”. The name doubles as what they want all of their customers to experience in the shop, love. I just thought that was the sweetest story and such a cool way to incorporate their lives and mission into the name of their shop and the purpose of it.

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We went to “XO Coffee Company” on a Sunday morning before church and expected it to be pretty quiet and sleepy that early in the morning. Don’t be fooled as we were! Once we walked through the hot pink doors, we saw that the shop was popping and was extremely busy this Sunday morning. There were young families with young children gathered around tables togethers. There were younger college aged people and middle aged adults throughout the shop enjoying their beverages and time together. There were people dressed nicely but there were also people in extremely casual clothes as well. This shop is for every age group, life phase, and style, which I totally adore. I can honestly say that I am not a fan of hot pink, never have been and probably never will ever be. That being said, this shop has a lot of hot pink in it, and guess what? It totally works! Take the name, “XO Coffee Company”, and “XO” meaning hugs and kisses, and it matches perfectly with the hot pink used around the shop. The hot pink isn’t plastered on the walls or spray painted on the ceilings, nothing like that. Around the shop there are touches of the fun bright color on the chalk board menu, the cute wall art, decorations around the shop, and the backdrop in the back of “XO Coffee Company”. The pops of pink add so much character and fun to the experience and style of the shop. It works so well with the bright white furniture, exposed brick walls, and nice wood flooring. “XO Coffee Company” has stylish pieces here and there that give it a bit of edge, which I love. The neat art hanging from the ceiling above the counter, the neat patterned tile on the sides of the counter, and the sparkly pieces here and there definitely made this shop different from others. Another cool thing is that “XO Coffee Company” literally has its own backdrop for photos in the back of the shop. You know when famous stars take pictures at award shows or premiers and there is normally a white backdrop behind them with advertisements and logos displayed on it? That is exactly what it looks like! The fun addition and touch to the shop definitely matches the glamorous touches throughout “XO Coffee Company”.

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Something different about this shop is that instead of the counter where you order being pushed to one side of the store, or in the very back or front, the counter is right smack dab in the middle of “XO Coffee Company”. I don’t think I have seen that before and I actually really liked it. The shop uses “Novel Coffee Roasters” based out of Dallas. I really love and appreciate the local choice of roasters. Another thing I appreciate is the little saying on the “Novel Coffee Roasters” sign. The sign said, “Every Coffee Has A Story”. I mean, come on, how stinkin’ cute it that? I ordered the Seraphim Single Origin Pour-Over and it was INCREDIBLE. I do not do all caps lightly. It was incredibly strong and delicious. It didn’t need ice and it didn’t need cream. It jump started my day and did not leave me craving water. Sometimes you can just feel yourself getting dehydrated when drinking some coffee. This pour-over definitely did not have that effect and was extremely smooth. Madison got the iced mocha and she thought that her drink was equally amazing. It was the perfect mix of the coffee and chocolate flavors. She liked how the dark color of the drink really made the hot pink logo on her cup pop. This place has some excellent coffee and wonderful customer service. They brought our drinks to us instead of shouting the drink name or our name when the beverage was ready. We really enjoyed that and thought they really went the extra mile.

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“XO Coffee Company” is definitely a shop you should hit up when in the Dallas area

at all. They even have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert so you can pair your satisfying drinks with some mouth-watering food as well. Hop on over and give it a try!

XOXO (had to), Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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