“WOW! Donuts and Drips” in Plano, TX

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“WOW” is right.

We have been passing by “WOW! Donuts and Drips” for several weeks now wondering what was inside. The shop is literally within eyeshot of our church in Plano so we have been passing by the shop each and every week. We decided that this was the week that we were finally going to give “WOW! Donuts and Drips” a go and we are so incredibly thrilled we did. The shop has only been open for about four months so I’m glad that we stumbled upon “WOW! Donuts and Drips” while it is still relatively new in its journey. Although the shop is in an ordinary strip center the moment you walk into the doors you are sure to be knocked off your feet in wonder. The aesthetic of the shop is honestly nuts. There are photo options galore for all of your social media needs in addition to a very friendly staff that will make you will welcome from the moment you walk through the door.

The coffees and teas at “WOW! Donuts and Drips” are brewed with a custom machine called a Steampunk. This was the first time we had ever seen this cool machinery made by Alpha Dominche and the staff at the shop was so knowledgeable and helpful to explain to us what it was. Something I thought was really special about this shop was the story behind each coffee drink that you order. We were told that in the coming weeks when you order an in house drink you will receive a whole tray set up with information about where your coffee came from and the story of what farm the beans were grown at and what roaster was used. This is a huge game changer in my book because I have been to a lot of coffee shops (obviously) but have never heard or seen a shop have such a personal touch as this. It adds to the uniqueness and well roundedness of “WOW! Donuts and Drips”. Now, speaking of the donuts, they are CRAZY good and super original. You are sure to find a flavor and design to pair perfectly with your coffee that you have never ever seen before.

See the awesome shop for yourself in our new VLOG below!! We’re also just going to leave this here because we know that after watching the video you’ll want to visit for yourself!

6509 W. Park BLVD
Plano, Texas 75093


Have fun exploring new places!! This is been “3 sisters with 2 passions in 1 awesome state” and we’ll see y’all next time!


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