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The day that we ventured out to “White Rock Coffee” was the first day that really started to feel like spring to me. The weather finally decided to warm up a bit and the sun was out to stay, and given the past few weeks that was a pretty big deal. If you are not familiar with the Dallas area and you see that this coffee shop is located in Dallas, you might be thinking that it is in the busy part of the city or the downtown area. That is not the case. White Rock Lake is about eight miles northeast of Dallas and I would say it is one of the most lovely places in the Metroplex to rent a bike, walk a dog, or simply go on a brisk stroll around. The lakefront homes around White Rock are absolutely beautiful and intriguing, most of them being older homes that have been gazing at the stunning view for quite some time now. We were actually in the area to visit the gorgeous botanical gardens at the Dallas Arboretum that is right off the lake. If you have never found yourself in the gates of the Dallas Arboretum, I would urge you to go at least once. The beautiful displays and attractions that they have are ever changing with the seasons and there is always something new for you to enjoy there. This year the tulips are already in full bloom and looking as bright and cheery as ever. With all of that fun and excitement it is nice to have a tasteful drink in hand to enjoy as you are walking among the pretty flowers and foliage. A trip to “White Rock Coffee” helps you to do just that, enjoy the sparkling lake and colorful flowers with a perfect java to sip on.

When you pull up the “White Rock Coffee” it looks a lot like an industrial cabin of sorts. The large stone used with the wood with the combination of metal makes the shop look like a unique place to enjoy your coffee. The weather was perfect, so the outdoor benches on the porch area right outside the front door were full of people enjoying the warm air and ever so soft breeze. The inside of the shop was just as busy and full of life as the outside. It was a Saturday so the busyness of the shop should have been no surprise to me but it seemed like everyone in the shop was there for a different purpose. On such a lovely day it was surprising to see people on the study grind. But there were many people there just enjoying the nice weekend with friends and family just as we were. While the shop definitely isn’t the biggest, there is quite a bit of seating given the size of it. There is even an upstairs area for even more seating options which is definitely nice. What I really liked about this shop is that they did not have to have a lot of the fancy bells and whistles to stand out. The walls are a plain white but display two magnificent larger than life paintings that really bring the shop to life. One painting goes nearly all the way to the ceiling and is truly inspiring. The painting is of a tree, roots and all, with the words, growth, integrity, redemption, legacy and roots painted up it. It’s probably something you could stare at for hours and still not fully take in. The other impressive art on the wall is a silhouette of the world’s countries with the writing above it that says, “Where in the World is White Rock Coffee?” Places around the world are marked with a push pin and a picture of a coffee farm where “White Rock Coffee” gets beans. I’m a super visual person so this is a touch that I really appreciate; you can actually see and picture the farms around the world where your delicious coffee came from. Very cool. Don’t even get me started on the adorable children’s artwork displayed where you get the straws and the cream for your coffee. I do love a place that embraces the community, especially kids in the community.

Around 85% of the coffee at “White Rock Coffee” coffee is Direct Trade. They work with many small lot farms that they have been working with for a long period of time. While the coffee is directly traded, they roast the beans themselves. If you’re wondering how it tastes you’ll have to watch the link of the news video I found on their website; it’s really quite impressive. Madison ordered the white rocker blended drink which is a signature latte with white mocha and caramel. Y’all know she is quite the fan of white chocolate mochas and with the addition of caramel it was pretty amazing. I played it safe with an iced vanilla latte and it was probably the best one that I have had, at least in a very long time. I’m normally hesitant on ordering vanilla lattes on ice but this was definitely worth the risk. While the taste of vanilla was there, the taste of coffee was more there and that is something that I am always looking for. I need the flavor to be there but the coffee taste to be stronger, and it was.

Something pretty neat that this coffee shop has that many don’t have are coffee classes! When you attend the classes you learn more about coffee brewing basics, the origins of coffee, being a home barista or home roaster, and get to do coffee tastings. I think this is something that sets this shop apart by not only providing amazing coffee and an environment for their customers but a way to take it a step farther and provide a space to learn what they are passionate about. If you are interested in signing up, the link is www.wrcbrewlab.eventbrite.com. Another cool thing that this shop provides for customers is a place to buy some coffee essentials that you just do not find everywhere. You’ll find anything from an electronic coffee grinder, a French press, and cute mugs.

“White Rock Coffee” is a shop that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Pick a gorgeous day, stop by the shop, and enjoy your quality coffee with the beautiful lake and trail that are just minutes away!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison and Kaylee Boykin

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