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I’m not a math person AT ALL, however, I’d love to know the statistics of how many people mispronounce the city name of Waxahachie. Not that I can judge, I am probably one of the very high number of people that butcher the name. Whether you can say Waxahachie correctly or not, you sure are welcome to this massive, not to mention, STUNNING shop! I do not recall ever visiting Waxahachie; I had only driven through. If you were like me, man, you are missing out on a charming place that will surely knock your socks off if you are a vintage home lover like me!

What you need to know about the White Rhino in Waxahachie:

Appearance? Let me start by saying that from the moment we pulled up to this shop, my expectations were absolutely blown out of the water. White Rhino is in an absolutely gorgeous old victorian house that has been beautifully restored. As you can see from the photos, this shop is massive. The coffee shop uses the whole house inside and out. The wrap around front porch area houses many places to sit, even a swing (EEKKK!). There’s even a backyard porch area where many people were enjoying the wonderful weather we were having the weekend we visited. The inside of the house celebrates its rich history with the use of shiplap and some stained glass, but most of the inside is full of new and fresh touches. I love the sleek wood floors, exposed brick, fun and modern light fixtures and other furniture pieces. Every part of this shop screams fresh and new inside. There’s a bit of the shop under construction right now. I’m sure it is going to be lovely when finished!

Do I come here to chill, study, or socialize? You can truly have it ALL here. This place is HUGE and perfect for anything. Depending on why you come, there’s a unique area in the shop you can find of each different situation. There’s a living room area that is cozy with gray and white tones that is perfect for working or reading. There are bar areas, small tables, long tables and even more space upstairs! Up the narrow stairs you will find a library and conference rooms. I love the cool touches upstairs and the pictures of the vintage doors and coffee creation art.

Coffee? The Japanese iced coffee has absolutely incredible!! I had never tried Japanese iced coffee before and I adored it. It has a taste that definitely makes it different than average iced coffee, which is what Kaylee ordered. There are bags of Tweed Coffee that you can purchase at the store. They have so many signature drinks here that looked amazing to try. The drink with hazelnut and coconut sounds absolutely tasteful!

Drive thru?  No. There is parking directly behind the shop!

Food options? Yes! This shop is a coffee house and kitchen, so there are plenty of yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner options. You can look online at the whole menu. There are also delicious dessert options like pie and cookies. We just had to grab a few for the road. I had the pie and it was rich and amazing!

What stuck out to you about this shop? The fact that this shop uses all of the space in an old victorian is incredible! Imagine going into this stunning house everyday to enjoy some incredible coffee and get some work done? You could go into a different area every day and it would be like a whole new experience each time!

Fun Fact! This isn’t the only location! There’s a location in Cedar Hill, The Oaks Church, and one coming to Bishop Arts.

Address: 414 W. Main St.
Waxahachie, TX 75165


Monday – Thursday: 6:30a – 10p

Friday: 6:30a – 11p

Saturday: 7a – 11p

Sunday: 10a – 10p

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhiteRhinoC/

Website: https://whiterhinocoffee.com/

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