“Wattage Coffee Company” in Downtown McKinney

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“Wattage Coffee Company” in Cadence Cyclery in Downtown McKinney

I don’t think I would have ever put biking and coffee together… until now that is. I first stumbled across “Wattage Coffee Company” on the social media of the awesome “Be McKinney” blog. The simple fact of putting the coffee shop inside a cyclery is quite intriguing. I had been inside Cadence Cyclery in Downtown McKinney before and I wondered what it would be like with a coffee shop inside. The bike shop is in the charming downtown on Tennessee street just a little ways down from “Emporium Pies” and “Groovy Coop”. You almost feel as if you are getting away from the charm of the square as you walk farther down Tennessee, but don’t let that fool you for one minute. Open the huge wooden black door to the shop and you’ll see that the quirky charm of the square is very much alive in this shop. When you do enter the shop, you will want to take a direct right where you see a clever street sign that says “Java Alley”, and then you’ll be in the coffee shop portion of the place.

The coffee shop has flair and style, but still does an excellent job highlighting the heart and soul of the place, which is biking. There are bikes displayed, as well as, mounted cycling jerseys on the brick and green siding walls. The bronze patterned ceiling tiles emphasize the historic location of the coffee shop. Although the shop is located in historic Downtown McKinney, “Wattage Coffee Company” has fun modern touches like the sleek subway tiles and little octagon tiles on the bar. A unique touch that this coffee shop has includes the stunning paintings that are positioned at the front bar area, so that you can admire them while you order. There are plenty of seating options in the shop ranging from a bar area, traditional chairs and tables, and a cool wooden booth.

This shop has been open since Memorial Day weekend, so it is relatively new to McKinney! The shop serves European style coffee and baked goods. Avoca Coffee Roasters out of Fort Worth is the delicious coffee that “Wattage Coffee Company” serves. We always love when shops choose to use local roasters! They also offer homemade flavors in their coffee. You can’t beat homemade! Madison and Kaylee ordered a vanilla latte for the cool rainy day we visited the shop. Madison said that the vanilla flavoring was unique and you could definitely taste the homemade difference. Delicious! I got the Roubax Recovery Drink which contains a vanilla recovery mix with expresso over ice. They said

that is one of their most popular drinks that people get right after a long bike ride. I thought it was amazing and I wouldn’t have guessed it was a recovery drink unless someone told me.

I can honestly say that this is one of the most unique shops that I have ever stepped foot in… and I’ve been a lot of places! This shop is true to itself and highlights the sport of biking in the most beautiful and fun way that I have ever seen. This is a place to truly enjoy and appreciate for bikers and non-bikers (me) alike! I guarantee you will adore this place from the moment you step in!

Happy adventuring,

Allie Boykin

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