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I’ve been passing by “Village Coffee” for a while and I have been itching to get a chance to try it out! I was extremely excited to get the chance to go to “Village Coffee” and experience the shop that I had heard many great things about. When you pull up to the coffee shop that is located within the Village at Allen, from the outside it seems as if it is one of your normal run of the mill strip center coffee shops. As you walk through the front door, however, it is like you are walking into a home. The coffee shop is family owned and operated and that is definitely evident. If you are a fan of “Fixer Upper” and the kind of style that you see on that show, you will surely fall in love with the “home” that is “Village Coffee”. Directly when you walk into the shop to the right is a living room area with lovely wood floors and a lovely stone brick fire place. The fireplace is located in the perfect spot right by a lovely couch and comfy chairs around a unique coffee table. We went to the shop between Christmas and the New Year, so the wonderful decorations were still in full force. Cute wreaths and festive stockings decorated the living room area as if it really was someone’s very own home and gathering place. A chic but simple “Merry Christmas” banner was hung with care above the main sofa that added sweet holiday charm. A group of friends were gathered around this living room area talking and catching up and enjoying the warm ambience of the space. The other side of the shop is still as charming but much more like your standard “coffee shop” setting with title floors and an abundance of chairs and tables. The ornaments hanging from the ceiling over the tables was a nice touch that subtilely screamed “Christmas!” Love it. There is also a bar area for those lone rangers coming to enjoy a steaming cup of joe with a book to enjoy or work to finish. I would come to this shop to write any day; the atmosphere and the soft Christian music playing in the background while I was there was absolutely perfect for writing, working, or reading. The shop was absolutely packed when we visited and it seemed as if everyone there was doing something different. I witnessed people having a business meeting, people were chilling and catching up with one another, and many people were having their quiet times with Jesus. It was cool to see so many people doing an abundance of different activities all in one sweet place.

The coffee bar area is pushed to the back half of the store and has beautiful shiplap as the backdrop. The Chip and Jo flare is wonderfully done and makes the shop trendy yet still oh so homey. Across from the coffee bar area is more seating, wooden booths and standard chairs. above the tables are classy framed pictures of some standard favorite coffee drinks that can be enjoyed at the shop like lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos. These kind of picture diagrams are always delightful to see because it gives customers a visualization of what they are ordering, and I think that is very important and helpful.

To the people of “Village Coffee”, coffee is all about family. I could not agree more. One of my favorite things to do, especially around the holidays, is to enjoy wonderful coffee and desserts with my family members. The shop wants every single person walking through the door to feel welcomed and valued, just as they should be. I adore that “Village Coffee” is passionate about seeing their community come together and wants to be as involved in the lives of the people of their town as possible. With this heart and vision, how can you lose? I don’t think you can.

The menu at “Village Coffee” is anything but narrow. There are so very many drinks to choose from which I love! Another thing that I love is that they have different unique roasts to choose from. They have the Village Bold, Village Select, Village Green, and the Village Craft roast that is used for the pour over and French press. ¬†They have your standard cup of drip coffee, pour over (Chemex or V60), French press, and even cold brew. If you read the blog regularly you know that I am a huge fan of cold brew. I did try the cold brew at this shop and it was excellent but not my absolute favorite. The cold brew here is brewed for 24 hours and is smooth and chocolatey. I like my cold brew with a kick and without a chocolatey taste, but it was still great, do not get me wrong. Their Nitro Cold brew, however, that is served on tap is out of this world!! I would order this coffee every single day if I could. It was strong as strong can be without being bitter in the slightest. Quite incredible. Something that “Village Coffee” has that I have never tried before is Holy Kombucha on tap. Kombucha is sweetened black or green tea drinks that are popular for their supposed health benefits. Our mom is a major tea lover so we are going to have to bring her by to give it a try one day! Kaylee ordered the French press and it was extremely strong with bold flavor, definitely not for the faint of heart. Madison ordered the drip medium roast coffee with a slash of cream and she said that it was the perfect balance and not too strong by any means. Our friend Montanna got the medium roast drip coffee with hazelnut syrup and a splash of cream. She was certainly a fan but would get a tad less hazelnut syrup next time to strengthen the coffee flavor. Our friend Abbigail is not a big coffee drinker so she went for the hot chocolate during the visit and thought that it was absolutely amazing. I love the menu here because I think it is a perfect balance of traditional and modern without compromising either. An example would be that they have traditional macchiatos but still provide alternatives like chai lattes, hot chocolate, and even frozen drinks. Making sure that people are welcomed and find something that they enjoy is something that they not only strive for but excel at.

On the coffee shop’s website they simply state that they hope that you stop by and “join the village”. I know that they sincerely ask that from the depth of their hearts and we had wonderful experiences that the shop!

“Village Coffee” isn’t too far from home for us, maybe we’ll see you there next time we stop by!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Kaylee Boykin

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