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It’s all about atmosphere.

“The Village” is different than many of the coffeeshops that we normally visit and write about. Different isn’t always a bad thing, and in this case it’s definitely not. “The Village” is a casual cafe that also has alcoholic beverages and a full coffee menu. I really like this shop because you can virtually make it into whatever kind of place you need it to be depending on the situation at the time. Do you need to grab lunch with the girls? This is your place. Looking for a place to chill, read a book, and sip on some steaming coffee during the daytime? “The Village” is for you. Are you interested in a chill evening listening to live music and hanging out with friends? This shop is great for that. I think it is so incredibly neat that “The Village” can turn into whatever kind of venue you need it to be for that time. The icing on the cake for me is the fact that the shop has a stellar location. “The Village” is located in Downtown Bryan, Texas. Downtown Bryan has that vintage small town charm that is easy to love. I find myself spending more and more time in small downtown areas because I truly believe they attract some of the hippest places.


Some friends and I were looking for a unique place to grab dessert. My friend recommended “The Village” because there was going to be live music there that Friday night. I’m so glad she threw out the idea to go there because it was an absolute blast. When you walk into “The Village”, the lights draped from one side of the room to another directly takes your attention. Directly to your right when you walk in, there are comfortable leather couches to lounge and hangout at. When you walk in the shop, directly to the right there is the bar area displaying drinks and desserts. When you walk farther back into the shop, you reach an area where the seating is no longer couches, there are tables. Each table has a unique piece of art painted on top. Our table had a beautiful bluish turquoise background with a lovely purple flower. I thought it was absolutely amazing and fitting since “The Village” also doubles as an art gallery. On the gray paneled walls you will find one of a kind exceptional art pieces ranging from paintings to unique hanging wall art. The celebration of art in this space is highlighted by the wall mural in the very back of the shop. The mural is bright and full of life. Displayed on the mural is a guitar, paino key board, silhouettes dancing, and a sun. The quote, “What we play is life”, is painted on the mural and accurately describes the sense of life and happiness that the art in “The Village” brings the shop. The art displayed on the walls and the art being played by the musicians makes the atmosphere what it is. The atmosphere created in this space is incredible and makes you want to stay, sit, and soak it all in for a while.


My drink was absolutely out of this world. Our waitress recommended the drink I ordered called the “Downtown Mocha”. It is a signature coffee with dark chocolate and orange. I was a tad bit leery of ordering this drink because I normally do not associate coffee, chocolate, and orange as things that mix well together. I am so incredibly glad I took a chance and ordered this drink because it was incredible. I would order this drink time and time again- I loved it! I got it iced with nonfat milk and my friend, Hannah, got the same but without ice. Both were exceptional. My friend Sara got the “Golden Mocha”, consisting of signature coffee, dark chocolate and caramel. She said that it was very yummy as well! We all three decided to split something sweet to go with our beverages. We split the cheese cake and chocolate mousse. Both were scrumptious, but the cheese cake was unlike any cheese cake I have ever had before. You could definitely tell that it was 100% made by scratch and it was the absolute perfect pair with the coffee drinks. Something that I really like about “The Village” is that they love everything local. That is something that I am also passionate about so that automatically makes me a fan. They use “What’s the Buzz Coffee” roasters just down the road in College Station and local family farms and farmer’s markets for their delicious food.


I believe that “The Village” is a MUST visit in the Bryan and College Station area. It is definitely worth going out of your way to stop by and have a chill evening wi

th music, beautiful art, and incredible coffee.

purple heart, Allie Boykin

Photos by Allie Boykin

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