The Proving Grounds in Milford, MI

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I know, I know… Another shop not in Texas… But when we go off and explore coffee shops, even out of Texas, we can’t not share them with you! You never know, you could be in the area one day and want to check it out yourself! That all being said, I hope you do find yourself in the cute village of Milford one day because this shop is not one you want to miss. There was nothing that I didn’t LOVE about this shop. Let me tell you why!

Here’s what you need to know about The Proving Grounds in Milford:

Appearance? When you walk into the shop, you immediately are hit with the homey and community feel of the place. This coffee shop is very long, which makes it easy to find a place in the shop that is coziest for you! There are tables and chairs by the front window, cute couches with coffee tables and even more seating farther back in the shop. One of my favorite parts of The Proving Grounds is the little kid area that is complete with a play kitchen and so many books! There are little wooden rocking chairs for the kids to lounge in and there’s even a cute picnic table. While we were at the shop, there were people actively using this space to read books with their little ones. It was beyond cute to see! The Proving Grounds also has a lending library in the shop where you can take a book and leave a book for someone else to read. It’s such a neat concept and as a ELAR teacher, I love it!

  • Warm colors and woods are used in this shop. There are so many creative wood pieces used as light fixtures with Edison bulbs. The shop really feels like a home with the comfy chairs with pillows and blankets, lamps, plants, and my favorite-fresh flowers!

Do I come here to chill, study, or socialize? There were so many families in the shop when we were there, which is not something that you normally see. Although there were a lot families, there were still so many people doing homework, working, socializing, and meeting together! This shop being so long and spacious, there’s a nook for all three!

Coffee? This coffee shop roasts their beans on site! The barista even asked me if I wanted to go back and see it. You can purchase beans in store. I grabbed a bag of the Guatemalan beans and we are enjoying them so much. I don’t want them to run out! I had the Guatemalan drip coffee and it was perfect for the chilly, snowy day. I love a good aftertaste and this one was like a little bonfire in your mouth, which is perfect! I love lighter roasts like that. Emily got her usual mocha and said that it was great with a strong coffee taste and light chocolate taste. The next day, Emily got hot chocolate and I got a latte. Again, the drinks didn’t disappoint and we loved every sip!

Food options? They have so many yummy looking food options like avocado toast, sandwiches, and pastries. We both ordered the lemon blueberry scones and they were amazing! I’m a huge sucker for a good scone.

ng>What stuck out to you about this shop? The Proving Grounds has different events hosted at the shop like coffee classes, poetry reading, and children’s book readings. This place really does a great job bringing their community together!

Address: 369 N Main St.
Milford, MI 48381

Hours: M-Th 6a-8p
Sa 7a-9p
Su 8a-8p