“The Horse’s Mouth” in Buffalo, TX

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You know the old saying…

If you live in the great state of Texas, you have probably been on I-45 one time or another. I-45 isn’t my favorite road. It seems to go on and on forever and there are not many cool and unique places to stop from Madisonville to Dallas. Don’t get me wrong, Buc-ee’s is incredible and stopping at Dairy Queen isn’t the worst thing in the world. But I would much rather stop somewhere with a cool story and purpose that also happens to serve my favorite caffeinated drink (hehe). On my way back home to McKinney from College Station I wanted to find a coffee shop not to far off of I-45 where I could grab a delicious blended coffee drink. It wasn’t long before “The Horse’s Mouth” popped up on my search feed  on Google and I was immediately intrigued by the name. The coffee shop did not look far off of the highway at all, so I decided that I was going to try it out. Once you get off of I-45 you go down a road that will lead you to a strip of older buildings to the left and adorable older houses to the right. “The Horse’s Mouth” is in the strip of older buildings on the left side and has a large wooden sign that is easily visible from the road. When you walk up to the shop there is an adorable white stallion hanging from a little post mounted on the wall to mark the location of the store. There is also what looks to be an old wooden church pew serving as a bench in front of the shop window, which I loved. A cute touch on the right side of the bench is a small bale of hay topped with a saddle and fake metal cactus. I enjoy little touches that make a place different and “The Horse’s Mouth” definitely has that going for it before you even walk through the door!

The greatest thing about this coffee shop is that it doubles as a bookstore! Who doesn’t love comfy bookstores and finding a good book to nestle up somewhere to read? I’m a huge fan of reading and bookstores so this was a win-win situation for me! The shop has a good amount of books to look around to choose from and plenty of comfortable seating at nice tables to enjoy a good read with your coffee. Caitlin was working at the shop at the time of my visit and is part of the family in which owns the shop today. She was telling me that the shop had been there about ten years and came about when the original owners went on a cruise. Instead of coming back home from the trip with souvenirs, the original owner came back with the idea to open a bookstore coffee shop in Buffalo, Texas. Pretty cool! The building is pretty old, as you can tell by the ceilings and light fixtures, and was a dry goods store in 1907. As you know by now, I love it when old buildings are refurbished and transformed into something new and fresh. The shop has quirky and cool signs all around with cute sayings like, “Never judge a book by its movie” and “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks”. Along with these signs are cute little horse nick-knacks placed around the store. My favorite thing on the wall is the mural to the left right as you walk in the shop. The mural is almost as tall as the ceiling and is of a stable and a horse. It is a beautiful mural and adds so much character to the shop. Something that is on display that Caitlin told me that “no other coffee shop in Texas” would have was an Italian Bouzouki on one of the book shelves. The Bouzouki is a beautiful stringed instrument that kind of looks like a rounder guitar. It is a cool piece to have for sure!

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I was really in the mood for an iced blended drink. It’s already getting toasty out there folks! I got an espresso blended drink with Irish cream. It was extremely tasty and definitely hit the spot. Caitlin was showing me that “The Horse’s Mouth” has it’s own “House Specialties” that are displayed in a special binder. Caitlin’s brother was a bartender and he used all of his knowledge from bartending to create amazing coffee drinks. He substituted the liquor for coffee and matched it with the favors that he thought would be best. I flipped through the books and the creative drinks like “Bourbon Street Breve”, “Island Hopper”, and “Carry Me Home” all looked very unique and ridiculously awesome. Next time I stop through Buffalo I am definitely picking something out of the specialty books, there’s no drinks quite like those! The coffee shop uses beans from “Coffee City” in Tyler. “Coffee City” also creates cool flavors for the shop that you can buy in bags, one that stood out to me was “chocolate raspberry truffle”. YUM!

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I was wondering, as you might be right now, where in the world did the store get it’s clever yet quirky name. Caitlin told me that it was simply from the phrase, “straight out of the horse’s mouth”. I love old sayings and I love names for things that make an impression and are different so I definitely dig it! Next time I’m cruising down I-45 I don’t think I’ll be stopping at McDonald’s or Whataburger… I think I’ll have to stop by a cute little bookstore coffee shop with a name I know I’ll never forget.winky emjoi

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Photos by Allie Boykin

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