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I do not think I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t enjoy fall. The crisp air and the slight smell of bonfire in the distance sure does bring joy to my heart. It was a picture perfect fall day when we visited this nearly new coffee shop in Waco. We were given a recommendation a few weeks ago to try a cool and out of the ordinary coffee shop in Waco we had truly never heard of before. “The BRU” was in absolute perfect walking distance from the Magnolia Silos. We walked from the shop to the silos to check out all of the vendors and events going on for the “Sibobration” for Magnolia. It was an incredible day for a brief walk to enjoy both the coffee shop and the wonderful Magnolia Silos. “The BRU” is located in an older building, the Praetorian Market Centere, in the charming downtown Waco area. The building itself is stunning, the light color and attention to detail definitely does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. The building first served as an insurance building but has changed throughout the years. There is a covered outdoor area that lines one of the sides of the building where you can pick a table to sit and chat with a friend. The shop itself actually serves as a decor, jewelry, and gift store as well, so you can browse through the cute things while sipping on your amazing coffee. The marble walls in the shop as you walk in absolutely blew my mind. The black, white, and gray mixed all together was simply gorgeous. The contrast of the marble and the wooden park bench and sleek wooden chairs around the entrance of the shop reminded me of an old train station. The crown molding on the ceiling, the antique looking light fixtures, and the small details around “The BRU” really made an impression on me. The shop has a very old school vibe to it in the very best possible way. The most jaw dropping place in the whole shop is the barista counter and where the beverages are actually made. The front counter of the shop is actually at the opening of an antique elevator. The inside of the elevator is where the barista prepares the drinks with the beautiful vintage looking expresso machine made especially for the shop. The elevator still has the intricately patterned metal gates around it and maroon patterned fabric on the walls. The coffee company logo is displayed in gold above the entrance of the elevator and has the bars over it as well. I testify that I have never seen a coffee bar so beautiful and creative in my life. It is such a neat concept that honestly leaves you speechless. Beside the bar there was a black and skinny display of different desserts and pastries that would go wonderfully with your drink. Everything looked delicious and homemade, two of my favorite things.

We ended up sitting in the half of the store that is also a shop for decor, gifts, and jewelry. This part of the shop has lovely antique tile floors and an abundance of wooden chairs and tables to choose from. There are nearly floor to ceiling windows so the only other light needed is the cute handing lights swinging down and small light fixtures with Edison bulbs. The shop has some stunning home pieces with a very elegant style. The walls display framed outlines of countries the coffee beans at “The BRU” are used from and burlap coffee bags. Antique touches are seen throughout the store, like an old safe used to display the water dispenser and an old Missouri Pacific Lines door that has been repainted and half of it is used as a chalkboard. I would argue that this shop has the amount of character of two or even three coffee shops. 

“The BRU” roasts their own beans in the basement below the coffee shop itself. The beans are flame roasted in small batches. Although many items on the menu looked appealing to me, I went with one of my norms. I ordered a “Lait Cold BRU” which is their cold brew with milk. The taste was strong and earthy, void of being bitter or acidic. I adored it, and the crushed “Sonic-like” iced used in the drink made it even better. Next time I visit I am going to think about trying the “Con Panna” or the “Doppio”. “The BRU” doesn’t only have amazing coffee, they have loose-leaf, high-grade, organic tea as well. I know my tea loving mom would have an absolute field day here! I think she may like the “Earl Grey Creme” which is described as being black, rich, and robust.


Wow- this shop is like stepping back into the 1920s! The charm, the character, the amazing coffee has me wanting to come back for more. On top of all of that, the location being so close to the Magnolia Silos is absolutely fabulous! Add “The BRU” to your must see Waco coffee shop list because it is certainly worth the trip!


Allie Boykin

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