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Let’s give it another go!

Here we go, another Texan Traveler adventure! As y’all know by now, we are Texas fanatics. We absolutely love our state and have a deep pride in it. As much as I love Texas, I have to say that I have taken a real liking to Tennessee. I went to Tennessee, specifically Nashville, for the first time about five years ago; I adored the rolling hills and country music roots. This summer, as a family, we had the opportunity to go through Tennessee and make a stop in Nashville. I was so excited to show Madison and Kaylee some of my favorite parts of the city that I knew they would absolutely enjoy. One place I really wanted to stop by was the city of Franklin, Tennessee, only a thirty minute drive from Nashville. I have heard of this city through multiple outlets. If you have ever read the charming look “The Bridge” by Karen Kingsbury, or seen the movie, you know that the lovely bookstore and coffee shop in an old beautiful Victorian house in the book and movie is housed in Franklin. When I was visiting I was majorly wishing that “The Bridge” was a real place, how cool would that be? A speaker and author I love to listen to, Annie F. Downs, also lives in Franklin. I was pretty stoked to be visiting a place that I have heard so much about. Upon arriving to the town it was easy to see why I was so excited to visit Franklin. It is basically the equivalent to McKinney, only a short drive to a big city and not short of a precious downtown.

I was hoping that Franklin would have a neat coffee shop for us to discover, and man, it did not disappoint. We looked up different shops to choose from and “Honest Coffee Roasters” immediately caught our eye. The simple rustic but chic design of the shop made me enthusiastic to visit. The shop is located in the coolest building called “The Factory”. When we pulled up to “The Factory”, I thought that maybe I had put the wrong address in my phone. The outside of the building looks extremely old and not in use. The amount of cars in the parking lot, though, definitely told us otherwise. In front of the main entrance of “The Factory” is a unique towering statue of a robot boy named Rusty carrying a lunch pail and wearing a baseball cap. The huge statue definitely adds a curiosity factor and makes a statement. When walking into “The Factory” my jaw probably dropped open. I was amazed to see that what I thought was an old building was actually a cool space that housed shops, ranging from boutiques to bakeries, with an amazing sophisticated and rustic style. The two styles, that you would think would be total opposite, are married beautifully in this setting. A large chandelier can be across from an old rusted vintage fan in “The Factory” and it totally works. I’ve truly never been to a place like it! Considering how much I adore “The Factory”, the fact that “Honest Coffee Roasters” calls it home is absolute music to my ears. What struck me right when I walked through the doors of the shop was how true the interior of the shop was to the name. Everything was honestly simple and the shop had a level of “realness” to it. I adored the stark contrast of vintage brick walls and smooth white walls in the shop. The wall decor and decorations around the store were minimal but very meaningful. My favorite piece on the wall was a quirky sketch of Abraham Lincoln (“Honest Abe”) and an American flag hanging right above it. There was also a scroll hanging with beautiful script writing that stated one of Lincoln’s quotes, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” The shop is not too spacious but there was a bar space, a large table that could sit many people, and a few single tables. In addition to that, “Honest Coffee Roasters” has an adorable courtyard area outside you can gather with your friends, sip and catch up on life.

One of the most noticeable pieces in the shop is the large coffee roaster. I think this goes along very nicely with the theme of keeping things honest. They roast the beans in house, right there for all to see. How can you be more honest than that? Something that I read about them on their website is that the shop does not “source from farmers who can’t support their families” and they “can’t always travel to the farms, but [they] talk face-to-face with the people who do.  Integrity matters.” That is a mission that I can fully support and stand behind, I love it!  I decided to go out on a limb and try one of their signature spring and summer drinks. I got “The Up & Up” which consisted of nitro iced coffee shaken with spiced lemon simple syrup, lemon juice and mixed with carbonated water. How creative! I can honestly say that I have never had a drink like that before and I absolutely loved it! It was perfect for a hot summer day, super light and refreshing. Everyone in my family tried a sip of it and they all were not fans of it. You definitely have to have a certain taste for it, but I can honestly say it was one of the coolest and best drinks I have ever had. Madison ordered an iced mocha and she absolutely loved it. The chocolate flavor was perfectly mixed with the coffee and not too overpowering like some mochas that she has tried other places. It was not too heavy, even on a steamy August day in Tennessee.

Alright Texans! If you find yourself in the Nashville area, or if you are a Texan living in that area now, I urge you to take a short drive to Franklin and check it out! I promise that you will be immediately charmed and will absolutely adore it a

s we did! Make sure you stop by “The Factory” and hop on into “Honest Coffee Roasters”, their true simplicity and great brews will be sure to make your day that much better. I assure you.


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