TEXAN TRAVELER: “Kind Coffee” in Estes Park, CO

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Our parents decided to take a mini fall vacation to one of our absolute favorite places to visit in the country, Estes Park, Colorado. Estes Park sits right outside of the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park and is one of the most quaint towns I have ever had the pleasure to visit. “The Stanley” hotel, the riverwalk in downtown, and the neat wildlife are some major attractions that really set Estes Park apart from other Colorado town destinations. Downtown Estes Park has some of the sweetest shops to explore from Christmas stores, delicious restaurants, and gift shops. Something that the downtown isn’t lacking is a quality coffee shop. Our parents stumbled upon “Kind Coffee” on the corner of the cute downtown. The shop has a prime location among the peaks and the big plated windows give customers a breathtakingly beautiful view of them. The shop is in a stunning environment; this being true, the environment is extremely important to them at “Kind Coffee”. Their coffee comes from certified organic growers throughout the world and all cleaning supplies in the shop are “green” and natural. The Swiss Water Process is also used, one of the only decaffeination processes achieved without the use of chemicals. The coffee shop embraces their community and their beans are roasted in a nearby town. “Kind Coffee” is a part of an organization called “1% for the planet”, which are businesses that bring their resources together to make a healthier planet. That is something that is very important to me and I think that is absolutely amazing. I believe taking care of the beauty of nature that God has been so generous to give us is something to be valued for sure.



  My dad was able to sample the decaf coffee, the medium roast, and the dark roast. They were gracious to let him sample each one to see which one he would like best. He loved the bold taste of the dark roast and wanted something with caffeine but not as much. The baristas at “Kind Coffee” can also do some cool latte art for you if you’re into that! The latte art makes for some gorgeous pictures with the snow coming down in the background.




I’m glad our parents got to try out this neat coffee shop, even if they didn’t bring us along this time. If you find yourself checking out “the colorful state”, you should check out Estes Park, grab a latte at “Kind Coffee” and enjoy the view!

Love, Allie Boykin

Photos by Jim Boykin

Explore Estes Park: http://www.kindcoffee.com/index.php http://www.visitestespark.com/things-to-do/

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