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Memphis, Tennessee 

I love a good change of scenery. It is nice to get away and have an adventure in a new place from time to time. That is exactly what we got to do a couple of weekends ago and it was honestly so refreshing. We were able to visit some friends in Memphis, Tennessee, a town that I had been through a few times but never really gotten the chance to explore. Madison, our friend, Sydney, and I were super excited to visit our friends and go enjoy fun things in Memphis that you can only do in Memphis. I think that Memphis is a super easy city to love because of the history, character, and charm that it possesses. Visiting Memphis around this time is also very fitting because of events that took place there regarding the Civil Rights Movement. There is a wonderful museum that highlights Martin Luther King Jr., being that it is in the location that he was assassinated, and the Civil Rights Movement as a whole. I honestly think that it is a must do while you are in Memphis. Although much in the museum is hard and saddening to read and see, it is crucial that we understand our country’s past and understand all that people went through and still go through today for the equality of all people. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the museum. Something that I also thoroughly enjoyed about Memphis is that it seemed like pretty much everything there was refurbished and transformed into something new. Tearing down old structures and slapping new buildings on top is not something that seems like the norm in Memphis, which I actually really love and appreciate. We had the opportunity to go to two incredible shops in Memphis that are transformed old homes and were absolutely charming, delightful and delicious!


711 W Brookhaven Cir, Memphis, TN 38117

I would say that Porcellino’s is a fun wild card that you probably would not expect to have a stellar coffee menu, but it absolutely does. Porcellino’s is actually a craft butcher and cafe with incredible coffee. It is a butcher from Thursday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is a coffee shop 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. I shouldn’t be surprised, since Porcellino’s is also a butcher, but they have the best bacon I have had in my life. I love bacon and I love it on pretty much everything, so saying that this was hands down, no questions asked, the best bacon I have ever had is really saying something. It was thick as can be and if and when you go to Porcellino’s you have to get it, it’s not even an option not to. The chefs of Porcellino’s wanted to create a space to connect customers and the wonderful meals in their own home. I would definitely say that they have the homey aspect down to a tee. The lovely fresh flowers on the tables and the cute old fashioned black and white tile floors make you feel all warm inside. The vintage looking lamp fixtures and the Edison bulbs make for a great mix of the old and the new. The seating is normal cafe seating with waiters and waitresses but there is a bar area and a cute little sitting nook area in the back with a unique lamp. Little touches like that makes Porcellino’s feel more like a home feel than an a uppety restaurant, which I love.

Let’s get down to business, the coffee. I thought by now I would have pretty much seen it all. Continually shops are pleasantly surprising me with their creative and incredible tasting coffee drinks that blow me away. I got the “A Strati” which is espresso and half and half with a cold brew ice cube. Sounds interesting, right? It was AMAZING. It’s definitely not a drink you want to drink when you are in a rush, since you want that ice cube to melt, but it was perfect to have and sip on when eating an incredible brunch. Madison ordered one of her go to drinks, a white chocolate mocha. She was a huge fan of that, although it was not her favorite, she said that it was incredible. Our friend, Sydney, decided to branch out and try something out of her comfort zone and got the maple cinnamon latte. She loved it and said that it had a great balance of flavors. Our friend, Brady, got the drip coffee which is the Stumptown Holler Mountain Drip which he said was incredible. I had never heard of Stumptown Coffee Roasters before but if you check out their website I think you would agree that they look like an amazing company with a strong passion to give you the freshest and most pleasurable coffee possible. Our friend, Lacey, decided to do something a little different and got the chai latte. She was also pleased with her drink and I was surprised to see that Porcellino’s has many creative and original tea drinks as well for all of our tea loving friends. Porcellino’s has many house drinks that you can only find there but they also have keg drinks like Cold Brew and Nitro if you want to stick with some of your go to favorites.

When in Memphis I think you need to have brunch at Porcellino’s. You truly get the best of both worlds with their incredible meats and delicious and unique coffee. The atmosphere is great and will make you feel right at home!

Stay tuned tomorrow to discover another hype Memphis coffee stop that I know y’all are going to love.


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin 

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