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College Station, being a college town, has a multitude of unique and extremely tasteful coffee shops. But if I had to pick just one shop out of the multitude that I do not think I would be able to live through college without, it would without a single doubt be “Sweet Eugene’s”; the shop that Madison and I affectionately call “Sweets”. From the bottom of my heart I can say that I have never been to a coffee shop remotely similar to “Sweet Eugene’s”. We believe that every single coffee shop is special and original in its own way; however, “Sweet Eugene’s” takes it to a whole other level. I waited to post about this coffee shop because of how much I love it. That seems kind of odd, doesn’t it? It’s not that I do not want more people to know about it, a ton of people already know about it, it is always popping! I think I held off on writing about “Sweet Eugene’s” because I wanted to ensure that I did it 100% justice. In addition to that, since it is in College Station and I feel like it is such a “Texas A&M” student coffee shop, I wanted to write about it during an important A&M weekend. There is no better weekend to highlight and introduce the Texas world to one of Texas A&M students’ favorite coffee houses than that of my ring weekend?! Getting your Texas A&M ring is not a small deal. Getting your Fighting Texas Aggie Ring is the biggest celebration you will have at the university; some even argue that it is bigger than your own graduation day. Let that sink in a bit. When you get your Aggie ring it is a custom to have the people you love around you. In my case, my parents, Kaylee, and uncle came into town to celebrate this weekend. My longest and dear friend, Emily, also drove in to cheer me on and make me feel special this weekend. Having everyone here in College Station was such an incredible treat and joy! Madison and I would have done all of them a huge disservice if we did not take them to our absolute favorite coffee shop in town. So, of course, we took them there, had a blast, and drank gallons and gallons of coffee. 

“Sweet Eugene’s” is a short two miles from the Texas A&M campus and is located in a cute old shopping center. Parking is pretty good at the shop even though it is almost always full. The coffee house has several outdoor chairs and tables if you want to enjoy a day that happens not to be hot and humid. There is also a wooden deck area in front of the shop’s entrance that provides extra seating in a different atmosphere. When you walk through the doors of “Sweet Eugene’s” the distinct smell of “Sweets” coffee automatically will knock you off your feet. I could distinguish that smell from absolutely anywhere. The coffee house has a homey and eclectic feeling to it. There is a bar area right as you walk it and the ordering counter is extremely long with mugs hanging from the five chalk board menus that are lined up. An old fashioned light up mirror is behind the epic expresso machine, making it look even more impressive. The coffee shop has an old school vibe in the best possible way. The small interesting green colored floor tiles, the quirky knick knacks, and unique furniture pieces will prove that this coffee shop is unlike all others. “Sweet Eugene’s” is a massive shop and has several different compartments/rooms. There’ s a room with a more quiet and library feel with books, a telephone booth, and blue velvety couch. One of my favorite cool elements in the shop is a lamp that consists of a merry-go-round horse as the base. The use of wood, light and dark, different colored bricks and stones make the shop a mix-matched heaven. If you venture to the back of the store, you will find the most interesting space in the shop of all. There are plenty of couches and tables to sit at and view the purple walls and orange ceilings. Interesting and bright art hang on the walls and there is even a mannequin sitting on the high half-wall. One of my childhood fears was the Mona Lisa painting, a strange fear, I know, but I would have extremely hated the back most room of “Sweet Eugene’s”. I affectionally call it “The Mona Lisa Room”. There are  different parity Mona Lisa paintings around the room hanging on the lemon yellow walls. As if the room couldn’t be more original, the ceilings are sloped and a deep purple. 

“Sweet Eugene’s” roasts their own coffee beans from all over the world. They also brew using only water purified by reverse osmosis. Pretty neat! The coffee shop also serves “Daylight Doughnuts” and other pastry items. It has been my college goal to get a slice of one of their delicious looking cakes; they seriously look so scrumptious. My favorite drink at this shop, that I get multiple times a week, is their iced coffee with hazelnut and a little bit of half and half. It has a distinct taste and is both amazing tasting and unique. Madison states that she has “never had a better” white chocolate mocha, iced or hot. She has many shops on her list that have “good” white chocolate mochas, but this is her ultimate favorite. Emily is a relatively new coffee drinker that has a new love for mochas. She tried the mocha at “Sweet Eugene’s” and absolutely loved it and its chocolatey flavor. Our mom is not a coffee fan (shocker, right?) but she even ordered “Sweet’s” black gormet tea iced and absolutely loved the strong flavor. That is truly saying something because she is quite picky about her teas!


I will forever and always love “Sweet Eugne’s”. I have so many memories of going to this coffee shop through my college years and I can not wait to one day take my kids there (when visiting Texas A&M, of course) one day!


Allie Boykin


Photos by Madison and Kaylee Boykin

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