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Sometimes less is more, in this case, not so much.

We have been given suggestion after suggestion to try “Summer Moon”. Given all that we have heard about it from many people, we were “over the moon” excited to finally give it a try. Maybe I went little overboard on that joke, but hey, it’s the truth. One of the reasons that so many people suggested that we try the shop out is because the drinks are absolutely fabulous. Another reason I discovered that so many people suggest “Summer Moon” is because there is a lot of them! We visited the one in Downtown Frisco, but the shop actually originated in Austin. You can check out woodfiredcoffee.com to check out where all nine “Summer Moon” shops are located. But I think that it is too cool that so many people in so many different Texas towns can call “Summer Moon” their hometown coffee shop. The place near home where people gather with friends, receive energy boosting drinks to get them through the day, ¬†and spend other life-giving events and get-togethers. That is such a special thing. Another quality that I count as special is originality. “Summer Moon” definitely has originality going for it. They did something that I haven’t yet experienced at a coffee shop. They actually went back to the 19th century method of roasting coffee. “Summer Moon” coffee is hand roasted in a unique handmade brick hearth. The hearth is heated with fire and Texas Oak, no electricity needed. If you visit any “Summer Moon” shop you will surely see the statement “Wood Fired Coffee” many different places. They are extremely proud of their signature roasting, as they should be. It definitely makes the shop stand apart from others. Another unique element that is found in the shop is “Moon Milk”. “Moon Milk” is the very tasty special milk that “Summer Moon” uses in their drinks. The milk is all its own and consists of seven secret ingredients. We three have never had a milk like that and all we can say is that it is absolutely sensational.

We liked “Summer Moon” so much, we went back the very next day. That is not something that we normally do so that definitely says something. “Summer Moon” in Frisco is located on the thriving Downtown strip. I have been going through this Downtown for years and I have never seen it as popping as it is today. There are new shops in adorable renovated houses and more action in the older part of the area than I have seen in a while. “Summer Moon” is easy to spot when you are driving through Downtown Frisco. The exterior of the shop consists of painted bright white bricks with black edges and a large sign to match. The sign says “Wood Fired Coffee” in bold all cap letters for everyone driving by to see. The inside of the shop is even cuter than the outside, if you even thought that was possible. The walls are exposed brick, my favorite, that nicely displays a large painted “Summer Moon” logo. Although the brick is a nice brown, the black and white theme seen outside is also evident inside. The counter where you order your drinks nicely displays bright white paneling and slick black countertops. There are plenty of cute white wicker seats available to relax in as well as white wooden benches. Look up if you really want to be amazed. Above are absolutely stunning white vintage looking patterned ceilings. These kind of ceilings are my favorite and I honestly can not get enough of them! Another thing that I can’t seem to get enough of are Edison bulbs. I simply do not think you can go wrong with them. They are incredibly simply but I think that’s the beauty of it. A cluster of light fixtures hanging above the counter was something I have yet to see before that I actually really adored. They were Edison bulbs inside hanging mason jars. What an idea! The style of this shop was to my extreme liking, if you couldn’t already gather that.

The first time we ventured out to “Summer Moon” I ordered the “Nitro Moon”, which was their nitrogen cold brew with their “Moon Milk”. It was absolutely delightful. As strong as nitrogen cold brew normally is but totally without the slight sour taste of some brews. The added “Moon Milk” gives the coffee an even creamier and smooth taste that I was a fan of. The second time I visited the shop I got the “Winter Moon” drink. I do not have any complaints about this drink, it too was delicious. I would say, though, that this drink is much much creamier than the “Nitro Moon”. If you are looking for a strong coffee taste that is less on the creamy side, I would not go with the “Winter Moon”. Our good friend, Jessica Kiley, got to come explore “Summer Moon” with us. She got their iced chai and she highly recommends it for any of our friends that may not be the biggest fans of coffee. Kaylee ordered the expresso milkshake, a blended drink with whipped cream. She sucked that drink down with the help of our mom that believe it or not, isn’t a coffee fan, but actually loved that drink. There is a good amount of chocolate in the drink but not enough to where you can’t taste the wood fired coffee. It was so good that she ordered it two days in a row. Last but not least, Madison ordered the iced latte with hazelnut and she said that it was hands down the best one she has ever had. That’s saying a lot considering the amount of lattes she has probably downed in her life time.

Downtown Frisco is a thriving place and I am so happy it finally got an absolutely incredible coffee shop! The coffee at “Summer Moon” truly takes your taste buds back to simpler times with their unique roasting method and wonderful taste. We really love this place and I can promise you that if you go and try it out, you will too.


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison and Kaylee Boykin

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