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Snug as a bug in a rug.

If you were to ask me to meet you somewhere in McKinney to just get together and catch up, I would recommend that we go to “Snug on the Square” with absolutely zero hesitation. To say that I absolutely love “Snug on the Square” would be quite the understatement. You know that warm and cozy small downtown coffee shop or cafe that you see in the occasional romantic comedy (Any Hallmark channel fans out there?? Hehe…) that you wish were in your personal hometown? Well, that is “Snug on the Square” in Downtown McKinney. It started just as a small coffee house that attracted the presence of everyone in McKinney. Its charm, creative style, and don’t let me forget to mention, incredible coffee drew everyone right in. Since “Snug on the Square” was so popular, it had to expand, so there are now two “Snugs” side by side. There is “Snug on the Run” which is just a coffee house where you can also get little bites to eat like bagels, muffins, things like that, but right next door is the “Snug on the Square Cafe.” In the bigger Snug there is the exact same warm and comfy feeling as the coffeehouse. They serve yummy coffee drinks as well, and in addition to that, they serve breakfast and lunch. I have tried so many different things on the menu and nothing has disappointed me in the slightest. A must have would be their waffles with whipped cream and fresh fruit on top. The waffles are fluffy and with the fruit, it is truly to die for. I think it is so cool that snug has two different storefronts, right night to each other, to serve two different needs. When you are wanting to chill and read a book by yourself, the coffeehouse location is the place to go. If you are getting together with some friends for an afternoon, the cafe location is the place for you. My favorite part is that both locations serve their wonderful coffee-yum! Downtown McKinney is one of my favorite places in the world and I go there as much as I possibly can. The history, the fun shops, and the atmosphere is amazing in the square. I think the fact that this coffee shop is right in the heart of all that makes it that much more special.


“Snug on the Square” has it’s own unique style and appearance. The logo of the coffeehouse is a cute little owl holding a coffee cup. Where else are you going to find that? I love things that are quirky and all their own. There is absolutely no doubt that “Snug on the Square” has a large amount of personality and uniqueness everywhere you turn. The walls have soft neutral colors that make the colors of the wall art, furniture, and tables pop even more. The coffeehouse is in an old downtown building that adds so much character. Some of the wall siding and the ceiling have the original plastered patterns that add a vintage flair to the shop that I adore. The fun chalkboard menu and the creative artwork on the walls made with colored pencils, crayons, and rulers definitely makes “Snug on the Square” original and visually stimulating. There are personal touches everywhere you look in Snug like the cool artwork and there is even a cute wall in the coffeehouse “Snug on the Square” that has different sweet mugs with pictures of employees holding them. There is a sign on the wall that says, “Pick a mug for your favorite drink! Enjoy!” It is little touches like that that I appreciate and are super meaningful to a customer’s experience.

To drink this time I got the iced coffee with hazelnut and half and half. I love the brew at “Snug on the Square”, it has a distinct taste to it to where when you have a sip, you know it is from this particular coffeehouse. Madison got a caramel kisses frappuccino that tasted just as fabulous as it looked. It had just the perfect amount  of whipped cream on it, which is very important (haha). Our friend, Jessica, was with us and she got their chai. She gave it rave reviews and that is one of the regular beverages that she orders there. We were able to snag the adorable upstairs loft seating area in the coffeehouse location. It is the perfect little hideaway with a comfy sofa, coffee table, and a couple of cute chairs. The view is incredible;  you are able to see the whole coffee house and the hustle and bustle of everything that is going on. There are bright banners and lights hanging from the already gorgeous ceiling; it really is a lovely sight.


If you are looking for a place to warm your heart and make your day, venture over to Downtown Mckinney and hop into “Snug on the Square”! I’m more than sure that this favorite place of mine will become your new favorite very soon.

purple heart, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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