“Shoemaker & Hardt Coffee House and Country Store” in Wylie, TX

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“I miss Mayberry, sitting on the porch drinking iced cold” coffee…

If the beloved and tweaked lyrics above of the classic Rascal Flatts’ song describes you, “Shoemaker & Hardt Coffee” was truly made for you! If you haven’t made it out to Downtown Wylie, you really need to. This was personally my first time out there and it is truly the sweetest little downtown you ever did see. All of the shops are so full of life and have their unique character. A couple doors down from the coffee shop is the Wylie Opry. How fun is that?! The shop is in such a cool area with such charisma and character; I love it! The downtown area even has old school music playing on speakers in the background. I do not think I have been to a downtown with outdoor music, and I absolutely adored it. I think it sets the mood and makes walking around the charming town even more fun! Just a stones throw away before you get to the shops is a cute grassy area with a lovely gazebo. There is also a beautiful wall mural that looks like it was painted to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the town. The mural is unique and bright and highlights many of the town’s accomplishments and changes through the years. “Shoemaker & Hardt Coffee” doubles as a general store. That fact is evident even as you first walk through the antique looking door. The wooden floors, exposed bricks and forest green beams give the place a vintage and rustic feel. There’s a little bit of everything in this shop, and that’s what makes it so special. From cute cards to candles, to coasters and boardgames, “Shoemaker & Hardt Coffee” probably has just what you are looking for. The icy-white board ceilings and the antique looking light fixtures tie the look together quite nicely. If you are a fan of mounted animal skulls, horns, and real stuffed animals then you would definitely be a fan of walking around the shop and admiring all of the different pieces hanging around on the walls. At the very front of the store there are two lifted chairs and tables to sit at and enjoy your scrumptious coffee drinks. If you walk to the back of the shop past the checkout area, there is plenty more seating. There are comfortable stuffed chairs to sit and chat with friends. There is also a long wooden table that is topped with a checkers board and another game board to have fun and play with friends. Something I really liked about this shop is that it is truly one for every age and stage. There were a couple of elderly women lounging in the back of the store, talking together and drinking their delicious java. At the front of the shop there was a couple of younger women having a great time laughing and chatting with one another. There was also a young high school aged couple on a date. I think it really says something about a place when so many different kinds of people use the space and enjoy it in harmony. C52D3466-021E-4A32-B3D4-42C158D447AFC3503935-F386-4D3F-A7E3-D30CA2341ACF05A77E6C-895D-4D21-8713-500AD593A4661E3A7F27-1155-4723-A735-4729A2CC65B1 A518AA4D-77A1-4714-97FF-E59CEC54EEB3A3308544-8B28-4DFD-ADC0-E065AC1D580FE1FBF3F3-255F-4BB6-A72D-C0C43A5D4279 I really love a good “Nutty Irishman”. I was super stoked to see the “Nutty Irishman” on the menu and I just had to order one. It was sizzling hot outside so I ordered it iced with whipped cream. It was truly delicious and garnished to look so pretty. Madison ordered the “Caramel Slip” iced latte and it was equally yummy. Both drinks were exactly what we needed to quench our thirst on this extremely hot day. 0186E75C-112B-4DB8-B1E8-D258AA002444C23EB9B2-9FC1-402D-8450-67B92C8D70A1135B8A4D-E855-4835-9AAE-B64B528632C9 We were in town for Kaylee’s basketball tournament, so we were not able to explore Downtown Wylie in the way that I would have liked. I know we will definitely be back soon and I cannot wait to walk through all the shops and cute

stores in the downtown. You bet I’ll have an iced “Nutty Irishman” in my hand from “Shoemaker & Hardt Coffee” to get me through all the shopping and steaming summer heat.

purple heart, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

Explore Wylie: https://coffeetexas.com http://discoverwylie.com http://www.wylietexas.gov/living/historic_downton/index.php http://www.wylieopry.com

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