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If you are familiar with the Beaumont area at all, you know that the city is home to Lamar University. Many of our family members, our mom included, have graduated from this University and have many fond memories there. A few summers back Madison and I were able to meet a sweet friend from the Dallas area that goes to Lamar. When we are able to head down to South East Texas to visit family we are fortunate enough to get to say “hey” to her too! It is awesome to get to see her and catch up a bit on life. On the beautiful fall day we were able to visit Beaumont, we got to meet some of her good friends from Lamar as well. Somehow in the conversation, coffee came up (it always does) and they told us about their favorite coffee shop in town. All three of the girls agreed that “Sertinos” was “the” college meet up place. One of the girls even went on her first date with her now boyfriend there, how cute it that?! The shop seems like the perfect place to go to socialize with friends after football games and other school events. “Sertinos” isn’t just a great place to meet up with friends, it is also a wonderful place to study. They say that the wifi is incredible there and the hours are great for the long hours of studying. “Sertinos” is opened 24 hours so you don’t have to worry about them closing the doors on you when you just start hitting your study stride. Beaumont does not have many places opened past ten so “Sertinos” serves the abundant college students late into the evening. Something that I thought was neat about this coffee shop is that once a month they have a deaf coffee chat in their room they have off to the side. Our friend and the friends we met are all studying American Sign Language (ASL) in college and all participate in these deaf coffee chats. When I heard about this coffee shop hosting this event I was so impressed that they would serve the community in this cool and unique way. I absolutely love that!

After hearing so many raving reviews of this coffee shop, Madison and I had to give it a try for ourselves. When you pass by the coffee shop you can’t miss it. Madison and I went early in the morning when it was still dark outside and you could still see the dark green awning lit with an abundance of lights. The colors inside are warm and the fragrance of strong coffee meets you right at the door. It is easy to see why this shop is such a popular study destination because there are many comfy arm chairs, booths and tradition chairs and tables. Half of the shop has floor to ceiling windows to give it a more open feel, which I love.

“Sertinos” serves their own branded coffee that they are extremely proud of. You could say that this coffee is absolutely anything but weak. The coffee is strong and will wake up the sleepiest and most stressed college student on the block. The shop also serves fine teas, ice cream and smoothies, delicate pastries, and deli options as well if you wanted something to go with your delicious coffee. Something cool about the coffee shop is that there are opportunities to franchise the store; there are some in local Beaumont and Houston HEB grocery stores, but this shop in Beaumont was the very first one. “Sertinos” has shops all the way up to Oregon now, but it all started with this one in Beaumont (so cool)! It was a chilly fall day when we visited the shop and I ordered their pumpkin pie latte. I have had a lot of pumpkin flavored coffee drinks in my day, but this knocked it out of the park. The flavor was subtle without being nonexistent. I would reorder it at a drop of a hat. Madison got a white chocolate mocha that she was also a fan of. The expresso balanced nicely with the white chocolate. While it was not her absolute favorite version of the drink, she did think that it was pretty scrumptious. But “Sertinos” has a wide variety of coffee drinks to choose from and even has special flavor combos it you are looking for something out of the box!

We loved visiting a Lamar student favorite coffee shop and now understand why the students love it so much! If you are headed to or through Beaumont on the Eastex Freeway, take a quick detour and try out “Sertinos”! We promise you’ll enjoy it as much as we did!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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