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If you haven’t made it out to Denison yet, it’s time you did. Being only a little over an hour away from Dallas, Denison is the perfect day getaway with a sweet downtown full of treasures to be discovered. This week we visited Revolution Coffee that is in 410 Collective located right on Main Street! We loved every minute of our visit and we’re pumped for y’all to be able to check it out for yourselves.

Here’s everything you need to know about Revolution Coffee:

Revolution Coffee is located in 410 Collective in Downtown Denison. Natalie, the owner of the awesome 410 Collective building, Co-owner of Revolution Coffee, and one half of the Gingersnap Photography Studios, and Amanda, the other half of Gingersnap Photography Studios, said that 410 Collective is basically a collection of everything that they love. They have the shop, the coffee shop, and their photography studio in 410 Collective! We LOVE that. Isn’t that how life should be, finding every possible thing in the world that you love and keeping it close? They have quite a concept going and we are definitely fans of that!

History: This shop contains a whole lot of history, which is something that I always look for and really appreciate when I am going to a new coffee shop. I love when a building itself has a story and a past to be discovered. Revolution Coffee is in a 111 year old building that first started out as a five and dime. Natalie said that they will have people come in at times and talk about memories they had in the building when it was the five and dime. It just doesn’t get better than that, does it? Getting to share memories and memorable moments from so long ago is a priceless treasure. Now, so many people are cultivating new memories and good times that years from now, people will come in and do the same thing. People will come in and reminisce on their time at Revolution Coffee and 410 Collective.

Vision of the shop: Benjamin, the co-owner of Revolution Coffee, loves this country and had a vision of the coffee shop encompassing that love for America. Revolution Coffee was dreamed to be a place that everyone can come into and truly be yourself, and it truly is. Coffee shops unite us as people and have done so throughout history, think of the revolutions and ideas that have come about from people gathering in old coffee shops and cafes. It’s fascinating and this shop really does celebrate that. Have you seen their logo? I believe that it embodies their vision beautifully. Revolution Coffee is all about authenticity, intimacy, and of course, great coffee.

Coffee: Revolution Coffee serves Tweed Coffee, which is a coffee roaster just down Highway 75 in Dallas. Some of their most popular drinks that customers are ordering are the Lavender Honey Latte (um-YUM) and the White Chocolate Cinnamon Latte (double yum)! The clever mix of the flavors with the delicious coffee makes people come back wanting more. I ordered the Shaken Expresso and it was incredible. As of late, I haven’t been super into a lot of the added syrups in my coffee, so this was the perfect drink for me. The expresso with the half and half shaken together was incredible. I drank it too fast, for me, that means I was really a fan of the drink. Madison ordered the Iced Caramel Latte and it hit just the spot for her. The drink was light and perfect for a toasty (almost) summer day! Kaylee got the Iced Vanilla Latte. I was able to steal a sip and the vanilla tasted like Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream. I mean, hello? How can you not like that?

The menu has many hot and cold options according to your preference. They even have some tea options, which is something that we are always looking for because our parents are big tea people!

Atmosphere: The atmosphere of Revolution Coffee is very unique, here’s why… The coffee shop is located, as I said before, inside 410 Collective. Here is a description from their website, so you can accurately see what this place is all about. “410 Collective exists to invite creative entrepreneurs into a space that encourages collaboration and community in order to help them grow their businesses. We believe in the power of creative minds to shape the business world and the community around us, and strive to maintain an environment where designers, craftsmen and resellers can create and thrive.”

Isn’t that neat? Revolution Coffee is nestled in a creative space that brings people together. So yes, while it is a coffee shop, it is also so much more than that. There are many different sizes of tables to choose from, large and small around the shop. Since Revolution is in 410 Collective, it is extremely spacious and there’s tons of space to spread out. This space is great for business meetings, friend gatherings, dates, and studying. There’s a large bar area that is perfect for doing homework or getting other work done.

What makes this shop stand out: What really stands out to me about this shop is the community involvement they have. The coffee shop has a T.V. with a Nintendo set up for kids to come after school and have video game tournaments. Everyone at 410 Collective totally gets into it and plays with the kids. I think it is so incredible how everyone has bonded in this unique way and it is something that is done all the time, not just on special occasions. Something else that I thought was super cool was that they have different workshops you can take part of at 410 Collective! You can grab a delicious coffee and partake in a workshop such as cookie decorating, macramé, succulent plating, and more! You can check out different workshops they have coming up on their website or check their social medias!

Address: 410 W Main St, Denison, TX 75020

Hours: They are open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. everyday (even Sundays).

Social Medias: @410collectivedenison




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