“RE:defined Coffee House” in Grapevine, TX

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Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

There’s a lot of good things about Grapevine Texas… It’s super close to the DFW airport, it houses amazing mega hotels like “The Gaylord Texan” and “Great Wolf Lodge”, and it has the only “Rain Forest Cafe” in the Dallas area. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love the “Rainforest Cafe”? (Hehe…) Well, now we can add good quality and unique coffee shops  to the list of the great things in this Texas city! I really like names of coffee shops that intrigue me. I’m a fan of creative names that make you think about what they mean and what kind of message the creator of the shop is trying to get across. “RE:defined Coffee House” definitely had a name that caught my interest and intrigued me enough to want to go there and check it out!  The outside of the coffee shop just looks like it a normal strip center, but don’t let that fool you! There is nothing cookie cutter about the inside of this shop, let me tell you!


The exposed brick, gray toned walls, and horizontal wooden plank walls sidings definitely give the shop a cool look. There are several elevated areas in the shop that give it a peculair look that you don’t see most places. One of these lifted areas is right by the modern looking, long fire place. A quality I most like about this coffee shop is the feeling of home that it has. The fire place definitely adds to the quaint and homey feeling. If I could explain”RE:defined Coffee House” in two words they would be “industrially homey”. It’s extremely homey in the aspect I described with the fire place, but also the fun knick knacks placed about, the comfortable seating areas, and light fixtures. The industrial feeling comes from the visible metal air ducts, the cabinetry, and the metal pipe art and shelving. The style just flows. It might seem like an odd and different combination, but it really works. The area we sat in was composed of an overstuffed velvet gray couch that was just as pleasant and snug as it looks. Above the couch was something I had never seen before. There was an art piece that consisted of sheets of music collaged together and hanging from the ceiling by rope. It was such a cool piece and an idea I had never seen before. The “table” we sat our drinks on was simply a clear plastic cube filled with vintage looking books. Again, something I had never seen before but was absolutely a fan of. One of my favorite things, as I have expressed before in one of my other blog posts, is when wood and metal are used in shops and complement each other wonderfully. Metal and wood seamlessly work together in a beautiful and neat way in “RE:defined Coffee House”. Something that stood out to me in this coffee shop was a special elevated nook in the very back. In this nook was an elevated booth with curtains tied neatly on each side and a gorgeous chandelier hanging above it. This area is definitely “the” coveted table of the whole shop, for sure. When I looked online I saw that this special nook can be reserved for get-togethers like showers, meetings, or whatever you would like to use it for. The first two hours are free, any hour after that is $25.00. That’s totally reasonable and such an amazing idea! What a great way to add such a cool resource and service for the community! I’m definitely a fan.


I decided to gravitate to my “to go” drink, iced coffee, during this visit. Although I did order my norm, I decided to be somewhat adventurous and have one of “RE:defined Coffee House’s” made from scratch simple syrups added into my iced coffee. The house-made syrups they have include plain, lavender, mint, and rose. I was intrigued by the rose and didn’t want to leave without trying it. My taste buds had to adjust at first, but I loved the rose iced coffee. It’s a taste I haven’t even remotely had before but I’m for sure going to order it again when I made it back to “RE:defined Coffee House”. Madison and Kaylee got an iced chocolate chip mocha. It was as delicious as it looked. The drink was extremely chocolatey without being overbearing. You even sip up a chocolate chip or two through your straw which is a fun touch! “RE:defined Coffee House” uses beans from local roasters in Fort Worth, “Avoca Coffee Roasters”. Avoca’s coffee is artisan micro-roasted. The beans that they used are selected specially on how they are grown, handled, and accumulated. The careful selection of the beans and how they are handled is definitely noticed in the tasting of the beans. Very delectable!


The term, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” applies to this Coffee shop 100%. There is a homey and unique gem hiding underneath the looks of an ordinary yawn worthy strip center. “RE:defined” was a tasty and wonderful surprise and I can’t wait for you to check it out and love it just as much as us!

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purple heart, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin and Kaylee Boykin

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