“Red Horn Coffeehouse” in Cedar Park, TX

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If you have read any of the past blog posts then you know the Austin area is not home for us. The Austin area is so incredibly fun for us to visit because it is so different than many other parts of the great state of Texas. The rolling hills, the people, and the places to visit are all very unique to the area and make it special. If you are looking for a coffee shop that I think embodies the spirit of the Austin area to a tee, then “Red Horn Coffeehouse” is the place for you! The mission of the shop is short, sweet, and straight to the point, and I absolutely love it. Their mission is to “Do good. Be positive. Have fun.” When you first pull up to the coffeehouse, don’t be fooled; it looks like a plain shop in a yawn worthy strip center. But once you open the doors, all of those judgments and false expectations dissipate. The coffeehouse possesses an incredibly large space. The exposed brick, wood siding, and comfortable seating areas definitely make the huge space feel homey. There is an abundance of seating in “Red Horn Coffeehouse” ranging from nice black leather couches, neutral colored comfy chairs, a bar area, and chairs and nice wood topped tables. There is even a back room if you are looking for a quieter place to get some serious work done. Outside there is a lovely deck area for those who want to enjoy the beautiful tree view in some cooler temperatures. Something neat about this coffeehouse is that it also doubles as a brewing company. All of the furniture and the decorations are perfect for the transformation of the shop in the evening hours. An ¬†extremely cool piece in the shop is a bright red coffee roaster placed in the shop where you can see it right when you walk in. It is absolutely gorgeous and a visible testament of their incredible coffee. I love when coffeehouses roast their own beans, and how cool to have the machine displayed for all to see in such a central location in the shop. In front of the coffee roaster is a chalkboard that displays different dates and times for live music in the shop. The board also shows who will be performing each day so customers know what days and times to come and see their favorite person. On the brick wall behind the coffee roaster is a large painted “Red Horn” logo. It is super sleek and adds character to the shop. Another character adding piece in the shop is a large and long diagram above the counter where you order. It is definitely unique and catches your eye right when you walk through the door. Something that also catches your eye when you walk through the door is a bright and colorfully decorated Christmas tree. We went to the shop at the end of July so the Christmas tree definitely confused us for a moment. Our confusions were cleared up when we saw a fun flyer that explained everything. The flyer advertised for a Christmas in July party on the 29th of July. The fun get-together would include raffles and food trucks. This crazy cool idea definitely encompasses the part of the mission of the shop, to have fun. But something on the flyer caught my eye even more than the cute pictures and fun activities. The evening was actually a benefit providing birthday parties for foster and homeless children. The mission point of doing good was proven in that short statement. This coffeehouse has a good time and has some unique and fun events, but their heart behind doing it is even better, doing good for their community and those around them. How cool is that?!


The particular morning we came to the shop was early but it was already pretty steamy outside considering it was July in Texas. I wanted something to cool me off and provide me plenty of caffeine for my drive back to the Dallas area. I tried to order an iced caramel macchiato but the barista informed me that they only do traditional macchiatos. Normally I would have been totally down to try it, but I really had my heart set on something on ice. The barista was extremely nice and helpful and recommended a drink he thought would be somewhat similar to an iced caramel macchiato, an iced caramel latte. It had a strong taste that was well balanced with the caramel; it was not too overpowering. Madison was craving one of her favorite drinks, an iced white mocha. They could not do that drink either but the knowledgable barista was able to recommended a drink she may like, an iced latte with a pump of white chocolate. She liked that the white chocolate in the drink was subtle and the coffee was the main element she could taste. I was very impressed by this shop because the customer service was so astounding. How many times have you been to a coffee shop and when they cannot make you the drink that you ask for the barista simply says that they cannot do that and just stares at you without offering any other options or ideas. This barista did have to say no to us, that he couldn’t make the drinks we were asking for, but he followed up with options and recommendations for other drinks we might like based on our request. Super impressed by this shop!


When you find yourself outside of Austin in the Cedar Park area you must go and check out “Red Horn Coffeehouse”. If I lived in the area I know I would find myself in this shop often; I would for sure be a regular. Go and have some fun at “Red Horn Coffeehouse”!


purple heart, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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