“Pop Top Coffee Shop” in Ennis, TX

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Pop atop again…And again…And again…And again!

Ennis might seem to be one of those towns that is extremely easy to drive through on I-45, but you shouldn’t. It is just a super short 30 to 45 minute drive south of Dallas and has plenty of fast-food and gas stations to stop at once you take the right exit onto the feeder road. But don’t. Instead, turn right at the light and keep going. You’ll only drive down for a good three to four minutes and you’re there. You’ll hit the rustically adorable Downtown Ennis. There’s plenty of parking, so don’t worry about that. Park and take a tiny stroll to N. Dallas street. You’ll find the sweetest shop on the corner with a cute light black French door and a nice matching black bench out in front. The coffee cute neon open sign will welcome you warmly as you walk up. When you walk into the shop, the distressed wood counter and gray whitish walls immediately set a light and bright mood. There are many windows that give the shop so much awesome natural light. The menu is slick and on a black chalkboard looking material. Hanging on the wall on either side of the menu are small pieces of wood art that display what is in breve, a latte, a cappuccino, a market latte, and an americano. I absolutely love it when shops have those displays to show you exactly what you are ordering. It helps those of us who aren’t too incredibly familiar with all of the coffee terms and types of drinks know exactly what to get. Do you want something with a lot of foam? Get a cappuccino. Are you craving something with a lot of cream? Then breve is for you. The cool and sleek look of the shop when you first walk in with the wood and the white accents with the pops of black really blew me away. But I would say that the ceiling is my favorite part. The ceiling has a vintage look, it could be the original, with trimming. It’s the old print tile look and it is absolutely stunning. The pops of lime green around the shop add a ton of pizzaz and character. I asked the barista working there that day if the shop had a cool back story behind it because I had a pretty good feeling that it did. He told me that the “Pop Top Coffee Shop” originated in a lime green Volkswagen bus. How incredibly cool is that?! The owners of the shop, Dominic and Mandie, put together a cute coffee stand out of the bus at the local farmer’s market. The response was great and they knew that Ennis needed a coffee shop where you could sit down with friends, hangout, and relax. That is how the shop came to be. I think that is such a cool story and makes the pops of lime green in the shop both cute and meaningful. There is also an amazing picture hanging up in the shop of a lime green VW bus with an old newspaper backdrop. I think that is a neat way to highlight the heritage of “Pop Top Coffee Shop”. IMG_6136IMG_9712IMG_4211IMG_0586IMG_1508 It was pretty chilly considering it was a summer day, so I decided to get a hot drink. I decided to mix two of my favorite flavors and I ordered a caramel vanilla latte. I’m pretty picky about my warm lattes and the flavorings in them but this one was incredible. It was the perfect drink to sip on while driving down to College Station on that cloudy day. “Pop Top Coffee Shop” uses “Buna Bean” Coffee roasters. This is the first time I have heard of these roasters. They are actually located in Ennis as well. Talk about embracing the community and going super local! I love it. IMG_0523IMG_6788 This coffee shop in Ennis is a gem and definitely worth stopping at when driving down 45. Think twice before you stop at What-A-Burger or Taco Cabana. Go an extra three minutes to somewhere with uniqueness, character, and some amazing coffee.

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purple heart, Allie Boykin

Photos by Allie Boykin

Explore Ennis: http://www.bunabean.com http://poptopcoffeeshop.weebly.com https://www.visitennis.org http://www.ennistx.gov