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We’re back!! And we made our way back to Ennis and to the sweet Pop Top Coffee Shop. This coffee shop is the perfect spot in this growing downtown! We can’t wait to share this awesome shop with you.

What you need to know about Pop Top Coffee in Ennis:

Location, location, location! The location of this coffee shop is PRIME. Downtown Ennis might have been under construction when we went, but the construction is going to have some major pay off. As if the downtown wasn’t charming already, the revamping is going to make it that much better. The downtown is an extremely easy turn off from I45. If you are going south on I45, all you have to do is take the right exit and turn right. It is just about a five minute drive from the exit to the downtown.

Appearance: The shop, being in an older downtown, has all of the vintage vibes I could ask for. The tiled ceilings, the bar made of a distressed fence, and the vintage windows above the menu, are all right up my alley. The neutral tones make the space feel warm and inviting, while still bright because of all of the windows. I love all of the hometown touches that the coffee shop has throughout the store. They truly love the Ennis Lions and it shows, as it should.

Purpose for visiting the shop: This coffee shop, while not massive in size, is great for a plethora of activities. There are a few tables that sit about four people and a few nice, comfy chairs. There are several bar areas, one with outlets facing the wall, and one that faces the windows. As I said before, the downtown is charming, so getting a drink and walking around the historical area would be a wonderful option too!

Coffee: The coffee was incredible! I went with a classic cold brew, which was smooth and exactly what I needed for the road trip. Kaylee got one of her classic vanilla lattes, which was gone in no time. It was easy to see that she was definitely a fan. Our cousin, Mara, ordered a peppermint iced latte to kind of change it up. She loved it. She was our adventurous one for the day! If you look on Pop Top’s Facebook page, you will see all of the creative drinks they have for every season and occasion. It’s impressive! They also have a drink in honor of the Ennis Lions called, “The Roar”. Love it!

What stands out about this shop: This coffee shop is truly like something out of a Hallmark movie. If you know me, you know I love my Hallmark movies! The fall decorations and the hometown pride that this shop possesses is not exactly something that you see every day. The small town feeling of the shop and the town is not something to be taken for granted, that’s for sure. If you want to walk into a real life coffee shop that could easily be a Hallmark coffee shop set, this place is for you!


Pop Top Coffee Shop
120 N Dallas St
Ennis, TX 75119

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