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I like feeling like I am stepping back in time. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era, especially when I hear old jazz music. The times of Gatsby and swing are days, at times, I wish we could get a little peek into. I had quite a pleasant surprise when we walked into “Plum Coffee” because a small look through the window of the past is exactly what we got. We had decided, with our sweet friend, Camille, to hop down to the Houston area one evening just for the fun of it. I’m trying to soak up as much south Texas and Houston as I can get before I head back to north Dallas next semester to student teach. As I said before, having grown up in the Houston area, the city has a very special place in my heart and I was ecstatic to be able to visit, no matter how short. When we pulled up onto Barker Cypress Road in Cypress, Texas, “Plum Coffee” looked like your average strip center coffee joint. I know well, by now, that looks are extremely deceiving, so I did not let the ordinary outside appearance of the shop cause me to have any kind of prior judgments of what the inside of “Plum Coffee” might hold.

The inside of “Plum Coffee” is full of a plethora of stunning vintage furniture pieces and wall art. Antique sofas of different colors, rockers, arm chairs ranging from bright orange to a pale yellow are placed all around the the coffee shop. Hanging on the wall are old fans, framed stitchings, and beautiful paintings. The retro pieces around the shop definitely make it unique and special in its own way. The white and deep purple walls correlate nicely with not only the name of the coffee house, but also the full bright colors of the vintage furniture and knick knacks. When you walk further back in the shop to the counter to order, you will find a couple of shelves filled with intriguing antiques and aged pieces ranging from cute goblets to vintage radios. There is a cart that displays a couple of aged briefcases with fun goodies inside to purchase. My absolute favorite vintage piece in the shop is a bright yellow rotary phone. It is hard to resist playing with those things; it’s just so much fun! One of the tables has a checkers/chess board as the surface. We certainly love a good game of checkers with friends, so I thought this was a wonderful thing to have for guests to play with family and friends! Sitting in the vintage seats, sipping amazing coffee, and listening to the oldies playing overhead is my idea of a wonderful day. I can totally envision a couple of good friends sitting with their coffees and catching up while lounging in the adorable green vintage arm chairs. I love that this shop is a place where people can gather and relationships can thrive.   The shop also had a shelf display of different fun items you could purchase from different vendors and also had their cards displayed. I know plenty of people with their own home businesses and getting your name out there is never easy when starting out. I thought that the fact that “Plum Coffee” had this area was absolutely sensational and such a sweet thing to do for the community around them.

The menu, other than being super bright and fun, has an abundance of drinks to choose from. I appreciate when shops keep it simple regarding their menu, but I also love when shops are super creative and have many, many drinks for you to decide from. Madison and I decided to get the white caramel blended drink which was expresso with Ghirardelli white chocolate and caramel. How can you resist that? White chocolate and caramel are two of our favorite things and putting those two things together is absolutely genius! The drink was scrumptious and not as rich as I was thinking that it would be. The sweet flavors of the caramel and white chocolate actually balanced quite nicely with the expresso. “Plumb Coffee” uses roasters in the Houston area, so they keep it local, which I adore.

“Plum Coffee” was such a sweet surprise and it was such fun in our spur of the moment trip! Be spontaneous this week!! If you decide to be spontaneous in Houston, I highly encourage you to give “Plum Coffee” a try; their coffee and vintage vibes will knock your socks off!


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