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How cool is it to have a roastry and coffee shop all combined in one? Well, that’s exactly what you get with this awesome shop in Carrollton! The coffee shop is in a large warehouse looking building right next to another building that looks very similar to it. We came up on the other building first and got out, only to find out those were the offices. Opps! That being said, when you visit, really make sure you are making your way into the correct building…unlike us!

What you need to know about Parks Coffee in Carrollton:

Appearance? This shop is massive and has such fun and beachy vibes! There are beach chairs, plants, and beachy colors to make you want to hit the beach ASAP! The light colored wood, turquoise and white that is used around the shop gives you all of the beach town feels. I love all of the windows in the shop. Some of the windows look outside, but the other windows give you a peak into the laboratory and roastery. SO COOL getting to have that inside sneak peak!

Do I come here to chill, study, or socialize? I think that every single other person that was in the shop when we were was working or having some kind of business meeting with someone. That being said, we came to socialize and we fit right in! There’s so much bar space in this shop, which makes it such a great place to do work. The cool beach chairs and smaller tables are great for getting together with a friend and chatting. So, I think it is safe to say that you can come into this shop to do all three things!

Coffee? The shop roasts their own beans there in house, as they have been doing since 1986. Parks sources their own coffee beans direct from families and farms throughout the coffee growing region. They have tours and tastings every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. These are guided tours that give you a special look into the roasting process. You get to taste a select origin coffee paired with a yummy pastry item. There are also private roaster’s tour options, as well. Kaylee ordered an iced vanilla latte that is made with Parks’ homemade syrup. She is a big iced vanilla latte fan and she said that this one did just the trick for her. I got the nitro blend and it was so incredibly smooth and WAY more creamy than others. You don’t have to add one thing to this nitro coffee to make it delicious! There are so many roasts to choose from to purchase in store, beans and even k-cups. In addition to the roasts themselves, the shop had a lot of cool Parks merch, like t-shirts and mugs, for purchase as well.

Drive thru? There isn’t a drive thru, but there’s parking directly in front of the shop.

Food options? There are great homemade pastries that you can purchase. We got the cinnamon roll to share, which looked like a cute cupcake. It was scrumptious and the icing was my favorite part! Who doesn’t like icing?

What stuck out to you about this shop? That it is also a roastery. The fact that you can see everything in action and even go on tours to see the roasting process, really makes this place stand out.

Fun Fact! Parks is family owned and operated; that’s always nice to hear. In addition, they have a third-floor event hall  and covered patio that’s perfect for renting for events.

Address: http://1401 Mac Arthur Drive Carrollton, Texas 75007

Hours: 6:30 a.m. -6:30 p.m. daily



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