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Sweet Surprises.

People have many different opinions on surprises. Some people absolutely love them, while some absolutely detest them. I am one of those people that happens to like surprises. I love the rush and excitement that comes with not knowing something and then finding it out. That is exactly what happened with learning about this shop and coffee roaster in my own hometown, “Pacific Trade Wind Coffee Company”. The shop contacted us via email and graciously invited us to their anniversary party one weekend. Although we were unable to make it to the celebration, the shop was brought to our attention and we were so excited to try it out. The fact that it was in McKinney was even more thrilling! “Pacific Trade Wind Coffee Company” is a coffee roaster that has tours and they also have a bar to try their delicious brews. When we came up onto the shop, we saw that the shop was truly a roaster at its heart. “Pacific Trade Wind Coffee Company” is in a red brick warehouse building. There is a sweet wooden picnic table placed in the grassy area right in front of the door with a cute chalkboard open sign. A sign that says “Coffee Roasters & Museum” is displayed on the wall, so you are sure to know that you made it to the correct place. When you walk inside the shop, there are so many different fun things going on! There is an absolutely stunning mural on the wall of a coffee plantation, cool light fixtures hanging from the ceiling, and a full area where they roast and package the coffee as well. My favorite part about this shop is the unique mixture of Texan elements paired with Hawaiian elements as well. There are palm tree cut outs, red bandanna and boots for decoration, and my favorite sign in the whole shop that says “Where Hula meets Howdy”. I think the slogan is absolutely adorable and super clever! What a cool way to combine two different cultures into one cute saying?! The reasoning for doing this is that the shop owns coffee farms in Hawaii where they plant, pick, and produce fine Kona coffee. The beans are grown in Hawaii but they are roasted right here in north Texas. The statement “where hula meets howdy” is an entirely accurate description of the coffee at “Pacific Trade Winds Coffee Company”! “TexaKona” is the brand name that this shop uses for their Kona blend coffees. They have four “TexaKona” blends including the “Swahili Six Gun”, “Bombay Bluebonnet”, “Honduran Honky Tonk”, and “Costa Rican Campfire”. The farm that they have in Hawaii has some of the most award winning coffee and is a certified “Kona” farm.

As I said before, this place is not only a normal coffee shop, it is actually a roastery! We were given a tour of everything that they do here and it was absolutely incredible. We were shown where the beans are stored; the room has special conditions, like temperature, to ensure the freshness of the beans. The roaster that they have is the largest roaster I have ever seen! The roaster can roast up to 65 kilograms of beans, that is craziness! Something neat that the shop also does is package their own K-cups. The machine for that was cool and we loved that they are able to do that. We were also shown where they package and get the roasts ready to be shipped. It is quite the process and it was awesome to get to see how it all happens first hand.

The sweet people at “Pacific Trade Winds Coffee Company” were so very gracious and let us have some sample drinks to try out their delicious coffee. I got a latte that was smooth and had a good flavor kick. Madison and Kaylee got an iced blended latte and they also loved the smoothness of the blend. We had not had “Kona” coffee before and we are officially big fans! They had packaged K-cups that you could take home to sample. We did just that and the brews were wonderful. You know how K-cups can be, the blends inside can be super hit and miss. These blends were definitely a hit. Our dad loves using K-cups and our Keurig, but he is pretty picky on the ones that he likes. He adored the K-cup blend he tried from here that we brought him, and that is saying a lot. I love creativity and when places do things that are seemingly out of the box. “Pacific Trade Winds Coffee Company” impressed me with some unique and creative ways they use their beans. They make coffee candies by dipping the beans in white and milk chocolate. We tried the candy and were able to take some home and let me tell you, they did not last too long in our house! Chocolate covered coffee beans, especially their beans, are absolutely delightful and the perfect snack with a kick. They even have a Kona Coffee BBQ spice rub. I have not tried that but I am so willing to, that sounds yummy to me!


We went from not even knowing this place existed to absolutely loving it!! The people there are incredible and the coffee is not to be beat. Some exciting news is that they are opening a coffee lodge in Van Alstyne!! Yes, we said a coffee LODGE! It is going to be beautiful and have some of the best coffee in town. We can not wait to visit once it is open and we hope you stop by too!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison and Kaylee Boykin

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