About us


We are three sisters, born and raised in the good ole Lone Star State. We are kind of obsessed with coffee. And by “kind of” we mean the “can’t live without it” kind of “kind of”, if that makes sense… Are you still following? Okay great. Well we do love our coffee, but we love Texas even more than that! “Is that possible?”, you ask. YES! So we thought, why not combine two amazing things that we love and make something awesome out of it! We love going to all different types of cities and small towns in Texas. When we visit a new place we love to find the cutest and most original coffee shop they have. This is something we enjoy doing as sisters and we can never wait to see how cool the next shop will be! We would love for you to join this journey with us and hop on this ride to not only explore cool Texas coffee shops, but also peek through the window of the amazing people and views of our state. And we hope our adventures will encourage you to find something you truly enjoy and embrace it with your friends and family as well.

(Kaylee, Madison, Allie)