“Old West Coffee Cafe” in Pilot Point, TX

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I feel like many of us have a lot on our minds right now. That being said, I wanted to start this blog post a little differently than I normally do. We called Houston home for about a decade of my life. We have family that lives there still today and I am always finding an excuse to visit the area because I absolutely love it. There are family members in the Beaumont area going through the immediate aftermaths of the storm right this very moment. Before I went on and talked about this cool shop in Pilot Point, I wanted to say that our hearts are breaking with yours. Our prayers go out to everyone affected by this travesty for safety, comfort, and a God-given peace during these extremely difficult days. We stand with our fellow Texans and we love you.


I think that the art of simplicity is such a beautiful thing. We definitely do not live in simple times, by any means, so I think simplicity is that much more of a gift and something to be valued. If you are looking for just that, look absolutely no further than Pilot Point, Texas. Pilot Point is in the North Texas area, about thirty minutes north east of Denton. The drive to this charming town is something to be seen in and of itself. The lovely pasture land that you pass seems to go on and on forever as well as the livestock grazing through the lush green grass and beautiful white wildflowers. It really is a breath of fresh air, in more ways than one. When you do make it to Pilot Point, you will know you made it when you reach the town’s cute and labeled water tower, and you quickly come upon the Downtown Square area. The Square is full of historic buildings with such character and “Wild West” flair. When we pulled into the square to park, the first thing that caught our eyes was the white gazebo in the middle of the square. I already think gazebos are the cutest things, but this one had something on it that made it different than others. Hanging around the whole circumference were small metal dog tags. We learned that these dog tags were collected from soldiers in World War One that gave up their lives for our precious freedom. Something about seeing tokens representing selfless individuals who gave up their lives for the freedom, happiness, and safety of others is truly moving. We thought this display of honor for these soldiers was such a beautiful thing. I have never seen a display like that in a town before with such meaning. It also serves as a wonderful reminder of all of the things that we take for granted every single days. Seeing things like that helps to remind us that every moment we have is special and that we must hold on tight to even the simple things in life. After being in the town a total of five minutes, I was already a fan. Little did I know that I was going to like this town even more after walking into “Wild West Coffee Cafe”.

Walking into the shop is like walking back to the times of the west and I adored it. And being right next to an old school barber shop, the vintage vibes were all around. The walls were made of dark colored brick and the ceiling consisted of antique looking patterned titles. When you walk in the shop to the left there is an abundance of “American West Trading Company” merchandise like hats, saddles and everything else your average cowboy would need. To the right of the shop when you enter is a comfy western seating area with a neat vintage couch topped with knitted blankets and nice wooden and leather chair. On the floor by the wooden coffee table in the middle of the seating area there is a pair of cowboy boots. How perfect is that?  The walls of “Wild West Coffee Cafe” are adorned with cowboy memorabilia, animal skulls, oil lanterns, and other western knick knacks. There is even a large cardboard cut out of John Wayne, can you honestly get more western than that? I don’t think so. The tables in the shop have none other than white and red checkered table cloths on them, I wouldn’t expect anything else. The homey and nostalgic feelings received from visiting this coffee shop are truly unmatched. The true icing on the cake though is the “real” old country music playing in the background which matching the decor and elements in the shop to an absolute tee. In a corner of “Wild West Coffee Cafe” is a grand piano and some guitars sitting by them. I can totally picture an awesome jam session of so many different people gathering and enjoying some down home music together in this amazing gathering place. 

The simple nature of the shop remains true when deciding what coffee drink to order there. There is only one drink to choose from. If you are someone who likes many options, this might not seem too appealing to you but have no fear! “Wild West Coffee Cafe” serves “Arbuckles’ Ariosa Coffee” which is otherwise known as the original cowboy coffee and the coffee that won the west. When given the atmosphere of the shop and the way that it is, there is no other drink I would rather have at this shop than the “coffee that won the west”. It is absolutely scrumptious and not acidic at all. We did not need to put one single drop of cream in our coffee; it was that good. The owner of the shop informed us of the fried pies that grandma made that morning that were available to purchase to munch on with our delicious coffee. We shared the pecan fried pie and man, was it tasteful. The perfect pair with the original cowboy coffee. The owner of the shop had great and extreme pride in the coffee he served, which I love. Being passionate about what you are serving your guest is an incredible quality. The owner of the shop had a book over the history of “Arbuckles’ Coffee” and is going to create a documentary about it. The great times of the west and definitely captured and celebrated in this space.

Something unique about this shop is that visiting it is truly an experience. And what better way to tie a bow around an experience than to sign a guest book? That’s right, when you visit “Wild West Coffee Cafe” you must sign the guest book and document your visit. I’m a huge fan of documentation of memories so this was absolutely something I was a fan of. I think your name should be next on the next page of the “Wild West Coffee Cafe” guest book! Don’t you?


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison and Kaylee Boykin 

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