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I go to a lot of coffee shops. If you are an avid follower of this blog, then you know that to be true. I can honestly say that I really like many of the different shops that I have the privilege to visit. Each shop in our beloved state has something special about it to make it unique and different than the others. That being said, I would venture to say that “Mugs” in Commerce, Texas is one of my all time favorite shops that I have been to so far for multiple reasons. There is something that is different about this shop that makes you fall instantly in love with it. I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the owner of the shop, Beckey, and one of the sweet managers of the shop, Katie. Beckey’s daughters, Amber and Kelsey, are also a massive part of “Mugs” but just were not in the shop at the time. Beckey and Katie, and all of the “Mugs” staff, were incredibly gracious and kind. Before I went to the counter to introduce myself, I was watching the movement and interactions in the shop. I was able to witness the cheery “Mugs” staff greet each and every person coming in with a smile and having thoughtful conservations with them. Customers would come in and greet the staff and wave over to them to come over and chat. I do not believe that I have witnessed as tight of a community and family presence in a shop as I did in “Mugs”. When Beckey decided that she was going to open a coffee shop, her goal was for it to become a community gathering place. Even as you first walk in, it is so apparent that her goal for the shop has already been very accomplished even though the shop has just been opened since October 4th of 2017. People gather in “Mugs” for an abundance of reasons such as study groups, church groups, Bible studies, and friend and family hang outs. “Mugs” is located in the town of the University, Texas A&M Commerce. Fun fact, our dad actually went to Commerce when it was still called East Texas State University. Beckey wanted to cultivate a place where students could come and feel welcomed and at home. I can easily see this shop as the home of so many memories that students will cherish forever. I can picture that in many years these college students   will come back and bring their kids to “Mugs” to show them one of their favorite college spots that helped to make college sweet. “Mugs” creates an opportunity for students to come and be proud of their downtown and feel connected to the town they are calling home for the next three to four years or more. “Mugs” has even added tables since opening the shop to accommodate for students having plenty of space to gather and study with their friends. Another fun way that “Mugs” is involved in student life is having a free pancake study night for students one night during finals week. It is amazing to see the great love for and appreciation for students that everyone at “Mugs” has.

There is an awesome outdoor area to enjoy right           outside of the shop!

I absolutely adore sitting back and listening to stories of how things came to be, whether that is hearing how a couple met, listening to how someone started on their career path, or learning how someone was inspired to open a business. Hearing the story of how “Mugs” came to be was no exception. Beckey and her husband graduated from one of the best Universities in the world (no bias there at all), Texas A&M, and then moved to the DFW area so that he could open his own practice as a vet. They loved the smaller town feel of Commerce and decided to make it home and have lived in town for the past 35 years. One day it hit Beckey that she needed to open a coffee shop. It was not something that had been on her radar to do, but after it hit her, she seemed to see signs everywhere that she needed to take the plunge and open a coffee shop. It is so cool to see the desires that God places in our hearts for different seasons and purposes. Shortly after she decided to open a shop, she purchased an older building on the Commerce Square. They had a lot to fix up and change in the once vacant building, but soon found that they had truly found a diamond in the rough. The drop down ceiling inside was not aesthetically pleasing and torn out to find the absolutely gorgeous vintage tiling ceiling that you see in the shop today. There were also incredibly nice antique light fixtures found in the building that are used in the shop today as well. When you walk into the shop, the beautiful homey touches mixed with a vintage vibe makes a smile coming to your face quite inevitable. There is an abundance of seating in the shop from cute couches, comfortable vintage chairs, and large and small tables with seating. One of my favorite spots in the shop is the long fantastic table on the right side as you walk into the shop. It is a beautiful farmhouse table that is longing for a large group of people to sit together and enjoy the company of one another. “Mugs” has a “Take a book, Leave a book” shelf that I would probably use all of the time if I lived in Commerce. What a cool way to promote reading and be able to share some of the best books you have been able to enjoy with others? The back right corner of the shop has a unique bench and games, coloring pages, and even a chalk board for kids to hangout and enjoy while their parents meet with a friend, get work done, or chat with their spouse. I know so many families and parents that would love this space for their kids and I know it probably gets utilized all of the time.

My favorite spot in the shop!
Look at that gorgeous ceiling!
The sweet kids corner.

Now let’s talk about the COFFEE. Wow. I was able to try some of the most popular drinks ordered at “Mugs” and I am so very excited to share them with y’all. First of all, “Mugs” uses Addison Coffee Roasters in the DFW area. After blind taste testing and a lot of thinking, “Mugs” chose Addison Coffee Roasters because they are one of the only local roasters that does flavored roasts and does it extremely well. “Mugs” makes all of their syrups and flavoring in house with secret recipes that help to make their drinks taste unlike any others. The signature latte is a clever mix of their in house Mexican Vanilla syrup and caramel. Every sip you get to experience the stunning sweetness that is incredible smooth and tasteful. Although Madison and Kaylee were not able to come to the shop, I was able to bring them samples and they adored this latte. It was Kaylee and my’s favorite and it is so easy to see why this is the shop’s number one seller. The next drink I was able to try was the “Texas Fall”. Just by hearing the name I knew I was going to be a fan. This drink consists of the snickerdoodle roasted drip coffee with the homemade vanilla syrup and almond milk. When you take your first sip, the name of the drink makes so much sense. The taste gives you that warm, toasty fall feeling in each sip. If you close your eyes while you’re drinking it, I swear you’re transported to Nacogdoches when the leaves are turning with the faint smell of a bonfire in the background. The after taste of this drink is excellent, which is just as important as the initial taste. If you are looking for a wonderful mix of two different favorites then you need to try the cinnamon dolce latte white chocolate mocha. This drink is smooth with a kick and gives your taste buds a great balance of warm and sweet. If you are tired of the small old house blend everywhere you go then you will definitely be a fan of the house blend you’ll find at “Mugs”! The house blend is bold with an earthy taste that I know you will love. Even if you are not a huge coffee fan, this shop has something for you! The hot chocolate is super unique with flavor you will not find anywhere else. “Mugs” serves “Sterling Tea” that was started by a family in Rockwall. “Mugs” currently has six hot teas and 2 iced teas and they sample different flavors often. Since “Mugs” is a newer shop, they have a flexible mirror and scroll menu and are always thinking of new creative drinks to perfect and add to the menu.

You have to try these pastries!! We tried the cranberry coffee cake on the right and it was delicious. The perfect compliment with their incredible coffee.

“Mugs” cares so incredibly much for the city of Commerce and the love that they have for the people of Commerce is immense. The difference that the shop has already made in downtown is huge and the pride and love that it has created for the square is so obvious. “Mugs” has amazing and unique drinks that are tasteful and well done. Cultivating the perfect drink with their awesome coffee and delicious homemade syrups is something “Mugs” strives for every single day. If you live in north Texas or around DFW, I think that Commerce, Texas, is the perfect weekend or day getaway. Slow down a little bit, take a breath, and soak in the quaint small town of Commerce and visit the downtown square. Make sure your first stop is “Mugs”, because whether you are a local, a student, or someone from out of town, they will make you feel loved and a part of their family. In addition to all of that, they will serve the most wonderful handcrafted beverages you could imagine!

These ladies ROCK!
Sweet Beckey and Katie. (Not        pictured: Amber and Kelsey)


Allie Boykin

Photos by Allie Boykin and Jim Boykin

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  1. I love this little coffee house! A friend from Dallas and I (from Sulphur Springs) love to meet there for our visits. It has such a warm, homey feel about it that welcomes you and the coffee is outstanding.

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