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Oh my goodness, it’s been forever and I’m sorry! Summer was a whirlwind of traveling; I feel like we were never home…And then starting a new school year of teaching some new things has left me busy, busy, busy! But, never fear, we haven’t forgot about sharing some awesome coffee places with y’all and I hope you haven’t forgotten about us. 😉

I visited Mudleaf in Plano for the first time in winter and adored it. I can’t remember why I wasn’t able to do a blog post on it the first time, but I made sure that on the second visit I was ready to get all the information I needed for a post. So here it goes! I hope you enjoy this place as much as I did.

Here’s everything you need to know about Mudleaf in Plano, Texas:

Parking? Right outside the shop! There are plenty of spots on the front and side of the shop, which is super convenient.

The vibes? This coffee shop has a simple design, but manages to still have that warm and fuzzy feeling of home. The use of the colors black and white with the mixed in wood adds to the beautiful simplicity of the space. Mudleaf has fun touches throughout the shop like hanging wreaths, a fireplace full of books that are lit up with Christmas lights, and a large wall quote that says, “Love people and coffee always”. This shop has definitely cultivated a friendly atmosphere where you can really feel at home.

Is this a place to study, socialize, hang-out? Mudleaf is a rather big space where you could really do all three! There’s a bar area and plenty of other seating for one person to sit and get done what they need to get done. Right as you come into the shop, there are adorable egg shaped swinging chairs that are unique. Imagine reading a book in one of those? I’m down! The shop also has an open area with bean bags and little stools. This would be a great place to hang out with children and have some good old fashioned story time. There are larger tables for bigger parties, as well as a room off to the side with a huge uniquely shaped table with a small wood bar facing the windows. There’s even a couch to the side with a few comfy chairs and a T.V.

Okay…How’s the coffee?? Mudleaf brews Cultivar Coffee and they have seasonal drinks to choose from, which I LOVE. I celebrated the tail end of summer with the Rosemary Latte. I think I like Rosemary a tad bit better than Lavender because, in my opinion, it is less over powering than Lavender. You can still taste the coffee in it! That’s important to me. Madison and Kaylee ordered the iced vanilla latte, a classic, that they said was light but still very flavorful. Flavored lattes can sometimes taste heavy, but that was not the case for this drink. Montanna got an Iced Vanilla Latte with oat milk and loved it! We love that this shop has something even for friends with dairy intolerances.


Can you buy Cultivar Coffee here? Yes you can! You can also buy some other coffee making goodies here as well.

What is your favorite thing about this shop? Two things. 1. I love what their wall and cups say. Mudleaf’s wall says, “Love people and coffee always”. The cups at Mudleaf, the ones for cold drinks anyway, has the statement that people are over coffee. I LOVE that because when it comes down to it, they are. We can joke that coffee is life and about loving coffee more than everything, but let’s be real…

Our relationships in this life and the connections that we make with people are the things that really count. I love that Mudleaf has that perspective and viewpoint because I think it is 100% spot on.

2. I love that you can visit Mudleaf and see a young family near the bean bags reading a children’s book as the parents sip their lattes. I adore that you can also see a pair of young friends chatting it up while there’s a business man a few tables down working on his computer. It’s so cool to see that everyone, literally everyone, is comfortable here and utilizes this cool space.



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