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Disco dance parties in the bathroom!!

Something I love is when our fans get involved in our adventures and suggest amazing places for us to go and visit! I was in College Station for a little bit, so one day after work my friend, Lauren, and I took a little excursion to Houston. Why not?! One of our followers on our Instagram account recommended this coffee shop so I was eager to try it out since I was in the area. “Momentum” is truly one of those diamonds in the rough. The coffee shop is in a snooze worthy modern looking strip center. There is a cute outdoor seating area with hung-up lights that make it a little more appealing, but other than that, the exterior does anything but wow. BUT wait until you walk inside…


The interior of “Momentum” is anything but boring. And can we talk about the name for a second? “Momentum” is such a strong and powerful name that really gets your attention, I really like it! The inside of the shop is the definition of fresh and modern but without feeling sterile. The first half of the shop has white walls with a fun leaf black and white wallpapered accent wall. The back half of the coffee shop has bright turquoise walls that immediately bring your eyes back to them. There is a bench area that backs up to a beautiful brick wall that is painted with a grayish/white color. The seating is a cool mix of metal and wood, that as you know is one of my favorite styles. The light fixtures are stunners. When you walk into “Momentum” the large white paper mache looking light fixtures hanging from the ceiling definitely catch your eye. In the back in the bar area there are huge fish bowl/bubble looking light fixtures with Edison bulbs inside. What cool statements these are! All of the tables have nice white marble counters and the glossy white subway tiles behind the counter match nicely with the icy and fresh look of the shop. I’m all about the little things and I think small touches make a place special. Every table had a blue coffee mug with a sweet little¬†succulent plant in it. I thought it was such a cute twist on the traditional “fresh flowers” on the table. The little succulent plants contributed to the modern vibes of “Momentum” for sure. Lauren and I loved the the gray shiny floors that resembled the surface of a planet. I have never seen floors like that and it added so much character and uniqueness to “Momentum”. The employees working at the shop were so incredibly kind and fun to talk to! They told us the shop had not been open very long. The owners of “Momentum” both had experience with working at coffee shops before and they decided to jump in and open one of their own. So cool to see the love and passion for something becoming a reality for hard workers! I asked the girls working there if there was anything cool or special about the shop that they would like to tell me. They then asked Lauren and I if we had been to the bathroom yet. That question obviously confused me a little and prompted me to ask, “No, why?” They told us that the two single person bathrooms in the back had disco balls so you could have disco parties in the bathrooms. We, of course, had to go back there and check it out for ourselves. The light switches say “Party On” or “Off” instead of simply just saying off and on. And just like they said, when you turn the “Party On”, the Disco Ball above starts changing different colors and spins around! So much fun and one of the most unique things I have seen at a coffee shop. Name one other coffee shop where you can have disco parties in the bathroom? I can’t think of one. I’m a huge fan of the concept and think it is absolutely hilarious and makes “Momentum” really stand out!


I decided to stick with my normal and I got their cold brew with hazelnut syrup and a little bit of half and half. Definitely one of the best cold brews I have ever had, period. I could not drink it all because I knew we were going to another coffee shop that day and I did not want to be overloaded, so I saved the tiny bit I had left of it in the fridge for the next day. It was just as tasty and delicious the next day and that is HARD to do! Lauren was adventurous, unlike me, and got a lavender latte. It was a different taste that was good and strong. What’s even better is that they make the lavender syrup in house-yum! It definitely takes some getting used to but not bad by any means! She let me try it and I definitely thought it was good, but if you aren’t used to the lavender taste it’ll just take you a minute to get used to it. The after taste is the best part! After trying her drink, I took another sip of mine and the two tastes, the lavender and hazelnut, were incredible. I might just have to be crazy and try a lavender hazelnut latte next time! The beans that “Momentum” uses are “Madcap” and “Onyx”. Considering their cold brew is the best I have ever tasted, saying I prefer these beans would be an understatement. I LOVE them!


If you’re looking for some scrumptious coffee with a modern flare, look no farther than this place! What other shop has disco balls in the bathroom? I mean, come on! “Momentum

221; is must go to in the Houston area, let’s go party!

purple heart, Allie Boykin

Photos by Allie Boykin

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