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Out with the old & in with the new.

Months ago I was able to explore “Coffee N Cream” in Frisco, Texas, with one of my best friends, Jess. I had then learned that “Coffee N Cream” had shut down but thankfully a new shop filled its place. It makes it a little less sad when a new coffee shop replaces another one. The new shop is called “Mochas & Javas” and when I found that out, I immediately researched it online. The shop first started in San Marcos, Texas, and it is a family affair in every sense of the word. The reason that “Mochas & Javas” came to be was that Kevin and his family saw the need for a gathering place, and somewhere that the community could come together. There are four “Mocha & Javas” in the San Marcos area, but the Carswells were looking to expand in the North Texas area. The opportunity arose for them to open up a “Mochas & Javas” location where “Coffee N Cream” once stood. This coffee shop is all about community and is true as can be to the Texas roots that it has. “Mochas & Javas” supports as many organizations, schools, and partners as they can.

The inside of the shop in Frisco does not differ much from when it was “Coffee N Cream”. The colors are warm, purple and a creamish yellow mixed with wood. There is a ton of seating in the shop, mostly chairs and tables, but there is a cute corner booth area with adorable coffee cup light fixtures hanging above it and a cool coffee montage hanging on the wall in that corner. On the other side of the shop is probably my favorite area that “Mocha & Javas” has to offer; there are four comfy arm chairs for people to curl up in to chat with friends or enjoy a good book. I can totally see myself enjoying a good read, preferably Bob Goff’s new book, in one of the large leather chairs. The shop is just so warm and cozy and I see it as a perfect gathering place.

The products that “Mochas & Javas” provide are created by scratch and I can attest that the ham and cheese scone that I had there was absolutely wonderful. I already love scones, but you would never think of adding ham and cheese to one, at least I wouldn’t. But it was a wonderful breakfast and great addition to my coffee. The shop works with local vendors and tries their best to not add any high fructose corn syrup to their products. I adore that “Mocha & Javas” really go out of their way to use local craftsmen and vendors. I think that it is so very important to support the community in which you are located and that is exactly what this coffee shop does.

The founder of Texas Coffee Traders and Kevin Carswell, the owner and president of “Mochas & Javas”, collaborated together to create the signature expresso blend at the shop that has been served for the past fifteen years. The blends served at the shop are roasted weekly in Austin at Texas Coffee Traders. When I visited “Mocha & Javas” for the first time, I decided to go out on a limb and try their “bullet coffee” that the barista said had multiple health benefits. It took me a couple sips to get used to the unique taste, although it wasn’t my favorite drink, it was incredibly original and I have truly not tasted anything like it. I drank every single drop of it. Next time I think I might try a latte or iced coffee and stick with my usuals. I went to the shop with Erin and she ordered a salted caramel latte in a big mug. Other than being an incredibly pretty drink, she said that it was delicious. It looked good enough to possibly try next time even though I don’t think I have ever tried a salted caramel drink in my life. Well, maybe it’s time to do just that!

“Mochas & Javas” was a wonderful shop and I am so glad that it has come to the North Texas area. If you are looking for a comfy place

to study, work, or gather with friends, this is a great place to do just that! If you find your self in the San Marcos area I encourage you to give one of their locations there a try!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Allie Boykin




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