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Don’t you love it when you expect something to go one way but it goes entirely the opposite of what you thought but it somehow still manages to be wonderful? Well, I love it when that happens too, and that’s exactly what happened during our adventure to Brenham. I had searched on the internet and social media for a cute coffee shop in Brenham, since it is only about 45 minutes to an hour away from College Station. I found one that I adored and I was super excited to visit. Madison, Kaylee, and I had a perfect opportunity to visit the shop this past weekend and I was esctatic about it. We journeyed out to Brenham and enjoyed some breathtaking farm and country views on our way there. The shop we were traveling to is called “From The Ground Up” and it is on highway 290. We made it to the charming farmhouse looking building and ventured inside. I knew from the internet that the coffeeshop was attached to an adorable boutique. When inside, we had a hard time finding the coffee shop; we couldn’t find it anywhere. The woman at the counter of the boutique probably noticed that we were confused because she asked if she could help us. She informed us that the coffee shop connected to the boutique had recently shut down. The owner of “From the Ground Up”, Brenda, actually was on site and came over to talk to us. She showed us where the coffee shop was and told us about the shop when it was in business. It truly seemed to be such a special place. The good news is that “From the Ground Up” is not truly a thing of the past. The coffee shop is expected to reopen around September to begin serving coffee again on Saturdays. Brenda was so incredibly gracious to show us around and she even gifted each of us with two wonderful mugs: one displaying the logo for “Cuvee Coffee Roasters” and the other displaying the logo of “Two Sparrows Coffee Roasters”. Both are incredible roasters in the relative area and roasters that Brenda had used in the past at “From the Ground Up”. We are so incredibly excited for the reopening of this rad shop in the months to come and count ourselves blessed to have met an awesome fellow coffee lover, Brenda, and learn about her amazing place!


We loved the adventure at “From the Ground Up” but we wanted to go to a working coffee shop as well while we were in Brenham. Madison found a shop closer to the Downtown Brenham area called “Mobius Coffeehouse” and we were ready to check it out! We made it over there to the older building topped with a huge red mug. The mug on the roof definitely gets your attention as you pull up, no question about it. “Mobius Coffeehouse” has a charming outdoor seating area with beautiful flowers to enjoy on a pleasant day. When we walked into the shop we were shocked to notice that “Mobius Coffeehouse” doubles as a pizzeria. That’s new! But where better to have a coffee and pizza than a college town? Brenham is home to Blinn College and many college kids during the school year that I am sure would put both the caffeine and the pizza to great use. The interior of “Mobius Coffeehouse” definitely looks like that of a pizzeria with simple black tables and chairs. The very soft mint color on the walls made the red accents pop around the shop. The walls were decorated with super bright and unique paintings and other wall art. My favorite little accent piece was a wooden cut out coffee cup hanging from the ceiling with the name of the coffeeshop on it with miscellaneous colorful mugs hanging from it. The coffee shop has an interesting backroom with plenty of seating, great for studying and big get-togethers. The room has a stage pushed into the back left corner for live music and unique paintings on the walls and decorations including a mannequin and human leg chairs. The room screams “unique” and screams “college”.

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I am pleased to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by the coffee. Trust me, I try not to judge a book by its cover as much as you do, but I was honestly a little leary about the taste of the coffee since the store was also a pizzeria. I ordered the breve and it was delightful. It was smooth and strong at the same time. The shop uses “Independence Coffee Roasters”, local Brenham roasters, which I really like. Madison ordered the iced mocha and said she would definitely order it again. She said that it was creamy and had a good chocolate flavor that wasn’t too strong. The iced latte was what Kaylee was feeling and she also was a fan of her drink. I tried them all and I would have to say I would probably order the latte next time even though all of them were delicious beverages. And funny enough, after sitting for a bit sipping on our yummy drinks we decided to order a small cheese New York pizza to share. The pizza really hit the spot and was extra cheesy (in a good way!).

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You have to make it out Brenham and visit the charming downtown and the Blue Bell factory!

When you do make the trip, don’t forget to make it over to grab some scrumptious coffee from “From the Ground Up” (once it reopens on Saturdays) or “Mobius Coffeehouse” for a steaming slice of pizza and strong cup of java!

Love, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison and Kaylee Boykin

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