“Mita’s Coffee Lab” in Corsicana, TX

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If you have ever driven between Houston and Dallas on I-45, then you are pretty familiar with the town of Corsicana. Corsicana is a great place to stop on the road and has plenty of restaurants to stop at. Something that I recently learned about Corsicana is that it has an absolute darling downtown. I have been wanting to stop by and explore the downtown and this was finally the perfect chance to be able to do that! Downtown Corsicana is not very far off of the I-45 freeway and such a delight to explore. It looks like the cute downtown is going through some major renovations and improvements, which I love to see! I love the blend of the vintage brick streets with the new shops and businesses coming up as well in the downtown. There are so many cool shops and places to discover including beautiful loft apartments, restaurants, and antique shops. If you know me at all, you know this is heaven for me! My love for antique buildings and neat shops to discover is definitely exhibited well in Downtown Corsicana. Something that is popping downtown is not lacking is an original coffee shop that is all its own. Downtown Corsicana is home to a unique coffee shop that we were ecstatic to be able to visit, called “Mita’s Coffee Lab”.

The name of the coffee shop definitely caught my attention because I had never before heard of the term “coffee lab”. I was intrigued to see what exactly that meant. The shop’s website explains that they want guests to  “savor the uniqueness and innate qualities of each bean”. At “Mita’s Coffee Lab” they believe that coffee and both science and art, which I completely agree with. What Mita’s wants to do is blend this “mystery” of coffee and give it life. They want to educate guests on the coffee and create the most delicious beverages for them! I absolutely adore this ideology and this shop’s extreme passion for the drink we love so much!

The shop is located in the adorable Downtown area and is in a great spot.  On the walkway in front of the shop there is a bright blue chalkboard sign with a cute coffee saying to grab your attention to the shop. The sign for the coffee lab is made with a cool mixture of wood and a copper looking metal. There is an outdoor seating area that is covered and partially fenced off. The fence has cute hanging boxed plants that adds aesthetic value. I absolutely love boxed plants and think it just makes things look even more inviting and cheery. When you walk into “Mita’s Coffee Lab” the chic art of simplicity will take you breath away. The walls consist of half being red brick and half just a smooth simple white. The chairs and tables are a clever mix of wood and metal and the floors are my favorite, vintage small hexagon white titles. Although there is not much on the walls or hanging around, the things that the shop does have on the wall and hanging speak loudly for themselves. My favorite element is a light fixture made of rustic looking pieces of wood with metal pipes mounted on them with Edison bulbs. Very unique, very simple, but very captivating. The shop has a few gorgeous art pieces hanging on the brick wall that has gorgeous use of color that really pops against the red wall. “Mita’s Coffee Lab” has booth seating, a tall long table and stools, and bar space at the front of the shop. Closer to the rear of the shop is more of a lounge area perfect for socializing or meeting casually with a coworker talking about work. There were many business men and women, probably also working in downtown, that came to the shop as a nice break in their day.

This coffee shop used “Onyx Coffee Roasters” out of Arkansas. I wanted to try a “Mita’s Coffee Lab” signature drink so I ordered an iced “Carmilla”. A “Carmilla” is a double shot of expresso, part caramel and vanilla, and milk. It was delicious with a strong taste. Although the taste was strong the flavor was smooth. The drink didn’t last me very long, I’ll tell you that. Madison ordered an iced latte and also bragged about the strong taste of the coffee. Strong but not bitter, which is good. We just had to pair our tasteful javas with some of the mouthwatering looking coffee cakes. We got a slice of banana nut coffee cake and lemon blueberry. I truly believe that you can never go wrong with banana nut, it was scrumptious. But the lemon blueberry bread was absolutely out of this world. I have a recipe for lemon blueberry bread that I adore, but this one is even better than that. The consistency is more cakey, which I am a fan of.

Downtown Corsicana is not a place that you should simply ignore. Next time you are in the area, or driving down I-45, mak

e sure you stop by and visit “Mita’s Coffee Lab”. The neat environment and yummy coffee is sure to make your day great!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison and Kaylee Boykin

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