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New kid on the block!

I get so excited when there is a new business in town and I get even more pumped when that new business is a coffee shop. I have to be honest, as much as I love McKinney, the town really does not have an original, that is not a chain,  locally owned coffee shop this side of highway seventy-five. Well, that is until now. “McKinney Coffee Company” opened a little over a week ago and you can find it off of StoneBridge Drive right before you hit 380. You will find the sweet shop located in a nice and new strip center right next to “E.J. Wills Gastropub”, which is owned by the same couple as the “McKinney Coffee Company”. I adore the fresh and simple brown and white logo that is found on the exterior of the shop for all to see. Madison, Kaylee and I were actually able to sit down with the owner of the shop, Joy, and learn more about the coffee shop and how it came to be. The kindness and joyfulness that she exudes is so evident in the shop and the space that has been created there. Something that we spoke about was the simple fact that the side of town that “McKinney Coffee Company” is located did not have a coffee shop for people to gather and enjoy. Joy’s husband has always had a dream of opening a restaurant. “E.J. Wills Gastropub”, which is named after their adorable 2 and 4 year old daughters, was the fulfillment of that lifelong dream. Since they were one of the first businesses in the development they were able to install a combined kitchen that is connected to the restaurant and the other space. Into that other space they created the “McKinney Coffee Company” and the kitchen is connected to “E.J. Wills Gastropub” which I think is an incredible idea and use of space. Any of the goodies and pastries made for the coffee shop can be made in that combined kitchen space, which is brilliant. The purpose and mission behind opening the coffee shop was to be able to cater to McKinney and make it a gathering spot. The goal that they had was to serve and provide a space for people to get together and enjoy in their neighborhood. Joy wanted this shop to capture the spirit of McKinney and I think that her shop does just that. On the walls of the shop, you will find black and white photographs of McKinney landmarks that you may be familiar with or not so familiar with. I think that displaying these photographs that were taken by Joy’s father-in-law are a great way for customers to enjoy the McKinney sights and plant the desire to go out and enjoy the city in which they live or are visiting. One of my favorite parts of the shop is the “Artifacts” wall that displays some fun and interesting facts on cute framed and hanging chalkboards about McKinney. I think that is the sweetest touch that really celebrates some of the history and the heritage of the town in which the coffee shop is placed. Something neat about the shop is that about 80% of the employees are local high school students. For most of these students, this is their first job and “McKinney Coffee Company” loves to teach them the trade and provide a great first place of employment experience. Having a love and compassion for wanting to teach and give these high school kids a great experience is something that is truly encouraging and awesome to see people believing and trusting in the younger generation. I love that!

“McKinney Coffee Company” has something incredible that I have never seen or heard of before but absolutely adore! The coffee shop has something called the “Mug Club”. Membership to this club is just a one time $25.00 fee and gives you a “McKinney Coffee Company” mug with your name on it, hot drinks for the price of a small for life, and access to fun “member only” events. The membership events could look like a chocolate and coffee tasting evening or a cookie decorating and coffee night, just to name a few. I have never heard of a coffee shop doing something quite like this and think that it is a wonderful thing! The heart behind it is that this would be a way that people in the community and neighborhood would cross paths and be able to connect with one another where they probably would not have the chance to even though they live in the same area. I think the idea is brilliant and a great way to build community.

Although “McKinney Coffee Company” does not roast their own beans, they do use a local roaster in Rockwall called “Book Club Coffee Roasters”. They are all about creativity and seek out high quality varieties from all over the globe and roast them using hand crafted techniques. The coffee shop has some signature coffee drinks that you can only find at “McKinney Coffee Company” with some fun and creative names. Kaylee tried one of the signature drinks called “The Tuck Hill” which is a house made vanilla bourbon infused syrup with coffee and the drink is shaken and served on ice. It has a very strong taste and the house made vanilla is delicious. I ordered one of the signature drinks called “The two ladies” named after their two sweet daughters. This drink is coffee that is sweetened with brown sugar with a hint of raspberry. I think the raspberry was a fantastic touch and I enjoyed every last sip of this drink! The other signature drink is the “Trade days” which is coffee, old fashioned espresso, orange, classic syrup and honey shaken and served hot. I love the idea of these fun McKinney drinks that you can only get here!

This new addition to McKinney is such a sweet and comfortable place for you to gather, work, or just have some time you time. I am stoked that the “McKinney Coffee Company” is here and I can not wait for all of y’all to get to experience for yourselves!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison and Kaylee Boykin

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