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San Antonio…There are so many reasons to love this lovely and vibrant city. Hello, they have the Alamo, but the city has rich culture and tradition that really is incomparable to any other Texas city. Another reason to love this city is for it’s coffee. Wait, how did you know I was going to say that?!

What you need to know about Local Coffee in San Antonio:

Location, location, location: Local Coffee is located in The Historic Pearl District that is north of downtown San Antonio and still on the river walk. The Pearl was a brewery from 1883 to 2001 and it’s heritage is celebrated and beatified in this district. The old structures cleverly mixed with the new makes the area much different than a place you will find in Dallas. The vintage still stands, but is now intertwined with the new and it looks so good. At the Pearl you’ll find restaurants, cute shops (checkout the cutest mom and pop bookstore ever-Twig), the most unique hotel, and (of course) coffee!

Appearance of the shop? First things first, the outside sitting area is perfect for days like the gorgeous night we visited on. There’s plenty of tables to grab a spot and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of The Pearl District outside. The inside of Local Coffee is trendy and fun. The wood board ceilings, the hanging bulb lights, the slick white tiles mixed with the wood on the counter tops really speaks my language. Everything about the shop screams old and new, and I dig it (a lot).

Do I come here to chill, study, or socialize? Whooooohooooo- all three people! We came to the shop on a Saturday night, so naturally, most people were socializing. While most people were hanging out with a group of friends or on a date night, there were still a few people getting work done. The shop has cute cushioned chairs around a coffee table, a long table for bigger parties, and smaller tables that are perfect for chilling out. There are so many bar spaces for flying solo to read or get work done.

Coffee? Don’t even get me started… This stuff is GOOD. I ordered the cold brew after much deliberation. After I learned the syrups were house made, I decided to add in some vanilla. It was great, let me tell you. The flavor is strong, hit you in the face kind of strong, but not in a bad way. Honestly, the flavoring was so light that it didn’t interfere with the coffee taste. I drank it all too fast and when I finished, I was sad. My friend, Terry, ordered the mocha vanilla latte. She stated that it still tasted great, even when it cooled. This is really important to her because she drinks slow and likes to savor every bit of her coffee. The mocha was extremely smooth and the coffee taste was distinct despite the flavoring. The barista created beautiful coffee art in the mocha vanilla latte, which always adds such a sweet touch. The shop didn’t have a true mocha, so the awesome barista suggested a modified drink for Terry to order, which she loved. All this being said, for what quality you get, the prices are extremely reasonable. Local Coffee has a roasting facility in San Antonio, Merit Roasting Co.

Can you purchase the Merit beans in store? You can! It was SO hard to choose a bag to get because they all looked incredible. I ended up purchasing the INZA blend that originates in Cauca, Colombia. I can NOT wait to try it!

Drive thru? It is in a shop and walk district, so there’s no need for one!

Food options? They had awesome pastry and dessert items that looked like they were right up my alley, but my sweet limit for the day was full. 🙁

What stuck out to you about this shop? The people who work at Local Coffee were so kind and helpful! Terry and I asked the barista multiple questions each and she was kind and thoughtful through it all, even though there was a line! Another thing is, this place is so true to itself and to its town. That much is obvious in the quality and kindness of their people and product.

Fun Fact! They have fiv

e other locations in San Antonio and one in Austin!

Address: 302 Pearl Parkway Suite #118 San Antonio, TX 78215

Visit the website: https://meritcoffee.com/

Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meritcoffee

Follow on Instagram: @meritcoffee

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