“Liberation Coffee Co.” in Coppell, TX

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Liberation: the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.

Just like you might hear an older person say, I like a good, strong name. I do not know if you can get much stronger than the name “Liberation”. The word itself is powerful and wakes up your mind. The name of the coffee shop definitely stole my attention when one of our followers recommended that we check this place out. The owners have background experience with coffee, military, and customer service. A statement on the “Liberation” coffee shop website express that the “shop represents freedom from artificiality, and offers a place for all and any to change the world over some coffee.” What a cool meaning and purpose behind a wonderful coffee shop! The shop is in a brick strip center and has a green oning that is very similar to the “Starbucks” green. I actually think that is clever because your mind already goes to “Oh, that’s a coffee shop” right when you see. There is a seating area outside with a large umbrella for those smoldering hot summer days. The shop has gray toned walls with a few wall pieces to add little pops of color. The wooden floors contrasts nicely with the light colored titled bar area. There are many neat light fixtures in this coffee shop, my favorite being the ones that look similar to lanterns. I think that is a very cool touch! There is plenty of seating in the coffee shop for any kind of need. There are tables with normal chairs and wooden booth seating. There are nice leather seats to relax in to read a paper or chat with friends. The bar area at the front of the shop is a great place to spend hours on school work or any left over work from the office. My absolute favorite piece in the shop was definitely the wooden pallet hanging up with vintage coffee roaster and other cool aged objects. I’m a huge fan of cool antiques and I think it fits very nicely in with the rest of the shop. The women that were working were very sweet and friendly. Customer service is an extremely big deal to me and I was definitely impressed by “Liberation”. The employees told us that the coffee shop was celebrating their one year anniversary the following Tuesday of the date we visited. Madison and I saw a flyer on the outside of the shop that said something about it and talked about having an open mic night. What a fun way to involve the community and rally everyone together to celebrate? I’m sure it was a wonderful celebration for sure!


“Liberation” uses “Eiland Coffee Roasters” in Richardson, Tx. Richardson is only a hop, skip, and a jump away and I adore that they use local roasters. I had not tried beans from these roasters before and this is the first time I had heard of them. I was impressed by my beverage. I ordered a iced vanilla latte and it was excellent. I was extremely tired the morning we visited the shop and the drink definitely woke me up. The latte was smooth and strong, just how I enjoy them. Madison ordered the iced coffee cold brew. She normally is not a huge fan of cold brew (that’s my favorite) but she really enjoyed the cold brew that this shop. The coffee was refreshing and was a great kick-start to our day.


“Liberation” is a warm and welcoming place that I definitely recommend going to try out. The coffee is sure to wake you up and get you ready for a busy and fun day ahead, go give it a try!


Love, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

Quote from liberationcoffeecompany.com

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