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Home sweet home.

I do not think there are enough words for me to say how much love I have for McKinney, Texas. If you know me at all or even if you regularly read this blog, you probably know how much I am obsessed with our hometown of McKinney. The charming downtown square can not be beat, and I have been to quite a bit little downtowns and squares in and out of Texas to judge fairly. I may or may not be biased, but I’m not so sure. Being in the square sets a happiness and peace in my heart that not many places can produce. When you are walking on the brick streets of the square you can’t help but feel like you are “home”, whether you are from McKinney or not. The nostalgia that exists in downtown McKinney makes you feel as if you are going back in time to sweeter days. There’s not much I would change about downtown McKinney and I really did not think we needed anything else in the square. I mean, it’s already pretty perfect. I thought that was the case, until “Layered” came along.

“Layered” serves delicious coffee, bakery items, and also has breakfast and lunch that you can order. The coffee beans are imported green from all over the world and roasted in house. You can see the bright red coffee roaster in the back corner of the shop and if you stay long enough, you might even see them roast some beans right there in front of you. I have seen it myself and it is refreshing to see because then you absolutely know your coffee is as fresh as can be. Do not even get me started on the amazing desserts you can get there. Other than their incredible custom cakes, and by incredible I mean cakes that have been mentioned on MarthaStewartweddings.com, D Weddings, The Knot: Texas, The Food Network, and The Cooking channel, there are tasty desserts in house that go splendidly with your coffee. My personal favorite is the coffee cake cupcake. I’m a huge coffee cake person and I can say that without a doubt this is the best version of a coffee cake I have ever consumed. They also have scrumptious cake pops and macaroons if you are looking for something sweet and small to enjoy. In addition to the wonderful coffee and desserts they also have breakfast and lunch to order as well. My favorite part about the options for their food is that the menu is full of the owner’s personal family recipes that they make from scratch. I think that the best meals and drinks are handcrafted with the love of the art and the love for the people drinking or consuming, and that is definitely not something that “Layered” lacks.

Stained glass windows, what can I say? I simply adore them. Guess what “Layered” has right at the front of the shop? You guessed it, stained glass windows. They add the vintage and old school charm that McKinney simply exudes. When you walk inside, though, that antique charm is married to chic modern design. The exposed brick and rough textured wall contrasts quite beautifully with the bright white patterned wall. The light fixtures are sleek, fresh and hip hanging from the vintage looking white ceiling tiles. The seating is varied from higher chairs, booths, and standard chairs and tables. This is definitely a shop of gathering and conversation; I probably would not come here to work on anything or to write. There are plenty of spaces for large groups and families or just couples or a pair of friends wanting to catch up. I have visited the shop for both kinds of occasions.

Let’s get down to the coffee. Like I said the before, I was extremely impressed that the beans were roasted in house where you can plainly see. My favorite drink on the menu is the “Layered Macchiato” and they claim that it is the “best iced coffee that you’ve ever had”. It is delightful and strong without being too milky (as some macchiatos can be) or overpowering. I am a big Macchiato person and this is one of the best I have yet to have. Madison, being the white chocolate mocha lover that she is, absolutely adores the shop’s white mocha. It is not too rich and it is perfect for the icy cold days we have been having lately. Our aunt Thelma got the drip coffee and she really loved it. She one of the most open and honest people you’ll ever meet, so when she says that it is very good, it truly is very good. Kaylee ordered a latte for the chilly day and liked the strong taste. Something that “Layered” has going for them that I have never once seen from another shop is that you can get your face in your latte. Yes, you read that right. YOU can get your face in your very own latte! All you have to do is download the “Coffee Ripples” app and send the picture from the phone their way and before you know it, the picture that you sent will be in your steaming java. We did not tell our aunt and cousins about this awesome feature and surprised them with a picture of our cousin in the latte. They were shocked and thought it was as incredible as we did! Anything from a picture, a word, or a cute saying, you can find it in “Layered” in your very own latte! Neat-o!

“Layered” is quite the addition to the square. The unique style that they have and their tasty coffee and food that goes nicely hand in hand does not go unnot

iced. Plus, any shop that plays oldies but goodies like “Dream a little dream of me” by Ella Fitzgerald is my kind of place! We’ll catch y’all there next time soon!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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