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College Station has quite a few staple coffee shops that everyone basically knows about and frequently visits. Those are great and all, but I have to say, I love a good wild card. Wild cards are fun because they are so unexpected and can be so pleasantly surprising. I would say that “La Gabriella” coffee shop and bakery is just that. All of the years I have been in school at Texas A&M, this coffee shop has been under a different name. But very recently the shop turned into “La Gabriella” and has made quite the buzz in town. I have heard so many incredible things about this coffee shop this past semester alone from students and adults living in College Station alike. All of these positive suggestions made me ecstatic to finally visit the coffeeshop. 

“La Gabriella” is in a strip center between a barber shop and a textbook store. The shop is actually right across the street from the Texas A&M campus. The sign and logo is absolutely beautiful and welcoming and the chairs and tables outside with the cute red umbrellas above them are adorable. When you walk into the shop, the bright yellow and purple colors on the wall definitely catches the eye. The shop itself is relatively small. When we visited “La Gabriella”, all of the tables were actually taken. I would definitely identify the style of the shop to be eclectic. There are beautiful landscape pieces of art on the wall, super hero signs, burlap coffee bags and inspirational quotes. The coffeeshop has an international feeling to it as well with fun accessories and pieces displayed to purchase from places around the world like Guatemala. The back right corner of the shop has a Mario Brothers display with video games, knick knacks, and a television screen. I can see this little space being a little boy or girl’s favorite hangout spot. One of my favorite pieces on the wall is a chalkboard with an inspirational quote by Helen Keller that says, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”. I love that. Having little pick me ups and sweet messages in a shop is something that I think is very important. 

The menu at “La Gabriella” is pretty extensive, and that is how I like it. There is one chalkboard menu just full of all of the different pastries you can order and the other is for coffee drinks. Since the shop also serves as a bakery, there is a delicious looking assortment of yummy treats to choose from. Some that stood out to me was the pumpkin chocolate swirls, sweet Mayan bread, and blueberry scones. The variety of different choices of pastry or bread to choose from to eat with your coffee was impressive. “La Gabriella” also has lunch items to purchase, like sandwiches and paninis that I am sure are wonderful. The coffeeshop has a large number of coffee options to choose from and I was not sure what exactly to do. I decided to get the “nutty caramel” iced drink. I adored the strong coffee taste that the drink had even with the added nut and caramel flavor. Madison decided to get the pumpkin spice latte. The latte does not taste like the pumpkin drinks you may get at chain coffee shops; this one had a more natural pumpkin flavor that was the perfect drink for the cool rainy day. Next time I stop in I think I want to try the “Royal Mayan Mocha” or the “Cinnamon Delight”; both sound amazing. “La Gabriella” uses “What’s the Buzz” speciality coffee roasters out of College Station. They roast single-origin coffee beans from small fair trade and organic farms. They are a micro-roastry that can guarantee the freshness of their roasts. They use beans from all over the world from South America to Africa. I love that this coffee shop uses local roasters of such quality!

Wow- I am so incredibly glad to have heard about this wonderful shop while I am still living in College Station. “La Gabriella” is truly a wild card worth trying out. Grab a pastry and latte and your day is sure to be made!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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