“Kimzey’s Coffee” in Argyle, TX

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Welcome to a fairytale. 

I used to think that whimsical and mysterious cottages only lived in the fairytale books that we all loved so much when we were little, but going to “Kimzey’s” showed me that isn’t exactly true. You might think I’m being silly, but then that just means you have yet to make it out to “Kimzey’s”. When I say that you have truly never, ever been to a coffee shop like this shop in Argyle, I’m not just saying it. “Kimzey’s” is truly a place out of fairytale books and unlike any other place you have been before, I promise. The coffee shop is an adorable cottage that looks like it belongs in a Grimms Brother story. The yellow walls with the use of large stones for the fireplace and the half wall, the pastel colored window trims and the wonky, whimsical roof of “Kimezey’s” gives you a feeling of entering a mystical world even before entering the doors. The front outdoor courtyard was absolutely perfect for a day like the one that we visited on. The cute metal chairs and tables with optional umbrellas for shade with the adorable strung lights above make for the best spot to enjoy a beautiful day outside. One of my favorite touches is the front doors and the patterned beveled glass doors that really tie up the look outside of the shop.

The inside of “Kimzey’s” is just as magical as the outside. The white walls that extend to the peaked ceiling with the use of wooden beams and circular light fixtures with candles that look like they belong in King Arthur’s castle truly take you back to the land of the fairytales. The large stone fireplace with the lovely yellow wreath, the yellow accent wall with absolutely gorgeous flowers painted on it as well as the wooden bench seating area is simply stunning.  The cute plants at the tables add nicely to the floral touches on the walls and benches. When you go down the long windowed hallway lined with tables, you will reach a room just as wonderful as the main one. There are bright comfy chairs and beautiful artwork of woodland and other outdoor creatures. The room has amazing medieval looking chandeliers and an incredible stone fireplace that goes all the way up to the vaulted ceiling. The shop has seating that ranges from single dwelling areas to long tables for bigger parties as well. There is a small amazing side room that has a single circular table with long skinny windows all around. The true King Arther’s round table.

Let’s talk coffee. “Kimzey’s” is a sister company with “Trinity Street Coffee” in Decatur and they use “West Oak Coffee” beans. Right now they have seasonal lavender rosemary that is a popular seller. Their jasmine is raved about as well, although it is not currently in season. Madison and Kaylee got a chocolate milkshake with added expresso for the perfect touch of coffee and sweetness. The milkshake was one of the best they have had,and that’s saying a lot. Adding expresso makes everything better in my opinion and this drink was no exception. This drink was the perfect substitution for not having any kind of frozen blended drink. I ordered an iced vanilla latte and it was incredible. The vanilla was not too sweet and overpowering but gave the perfect kick to the latte. Every sip was taken in less than five minutes, delicious!

Although “Kimzey’s” is enchanting enough on its own, there is another perk to going to this delightful shop. You don’t even have to cross the street to reach the cutest little truck yard you ever did see. There is a snow cone stand with corn hole, and other food trucks with other yummy quick bites. The yard has a stage and plenty of picnic tables for seating. The most unique and fun part about the place is that a white fence around the yard is free for you to paint your heart out! There are paint and brush stations on either side of the yard for you to get a brush ready and paint away. I have never seen anything like that before and it was honestly so fun to grab a paintbrush and enjoy the fun of the yard right next door!

If you’re looking for some delicious coffee and and escape from reality, this is the coffee shop for you! Go have a blast and discover “Kimzey’s” in Argyle the next chance you get!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Jim and Madison Boykin

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