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When cruising through the beauty that is East Texas, Marshall is a quaint downtown that you surely don’t want to miss! I would say that a new key reason not to skip over this town is the neat coffee shop nestled nicely in the sweet downtown. We are BIG fans of Joe Pine Coffee Co. and after reading this, chances are, you will be too.

Here’s what you need to know about Joe Pine Coffee Co. in Marshall:

Appearance? The coffee shop is in the adorable and historic downtown Marshall. There’s a nice outside seating area right outside of the shop that is perfect for Spring days like the one we visited on. The inside of the shop is trendy, yet comfortable, with the main colors being white, black, and wood. The style is simple with a vintage flair, which I love. They have shiplap, need I say more? There are huge long windows at the front of the shop for lots of natural light. It is a cool space that highlights the shop’s East Texas roots in a stylish way with a clever mix of vintage and modern.

Do I come here to chill, study, or socialize? You can come to this shop for all three! Marshall is a college town, so there are plenty of spots for college kids to hit the books! There is even a bar area facing the wall, which was helpful for me when I was in college because it makes for less distractions. There are round and square tables that can easily be put together for bigger groups. Everyone on the day we visited was chilling with friends and socializing because it was the Saturday of Spring Break and the weather was gorgeous!

Coffee? Joe Pine Coffee Co. serves coffee from Texas-based coffee roasters, Tweed and Brown Coffee Roasters, who buy high quality coffees directly from farms. They rotate the roasts they use for the expressos to keep things fresh. They have bags of beans that you can buy at the shop! Joe Pine makes their syrups from scratch and they make their own chai from scratch every day. I was intrigued by the honeysuckle latte that was made with local honey, so that’s what I ordered. The strong expresso complimented the honey beautifully. Madison was super adventurous and got the southern pine drink, which is sweet iced tea with an expresso shot! The drink even came on a cute little wooden serving tray with the drink in a mason jar and the shot in a little glass right next to it. So aesthetic! It is such a quirky, fun drink with an East Texas flair! Kaylee ordered an iced americano with caramel. The drink was good and oh so smooth. We thought it was such a sweet touch that all of the drinks came in mason jars! LOVE.

Drive thru? No. Finding close parking was not a problem at all, even for a Saturday.

Caddo Lake is only about a 30 minute drive from the shop! We got to-go cups for our delicious drinks and went down to Caddo Lake for the first time. It is unlike anything you have ever seen!! Beautiful.

Food options? Yes! They have amazing looking baked goods that are made from scratch right there in East Texas. I recommend going to the shop when you are not super full, so you can try something!

Caddo Lake.

What stuck out to you about this shop? This shop has something AWESOME that I had never seen before! Joe Pine has something called, pour it forward. Pour it forward is when you can go ahead and buy one of your friend’s drinks for them, so when they go into the coffee shop the next time, their drink will be free. If your drink has been paid for by someone, your name will be on the chalk board above the bar area and then you tell the barista so you can claim your drink. Here’s an example of how it would work. Let’s say that Madison and I lived in Marshall… I knew Madison was going to Joe Pine to study tomorrow afternoon. I know her favorite drink there, so I buy it for her in advance with the barista. They write Madison’s name on the chalk board. Madison comes in the shop and sees her name on the chalk board. She goes to the barista and gets her favorite drink that I already paid for! It’s just that easy. I think that pour it forward is AWESOME and helps to build such a strong sense of love and community in the shop. I’m a fan!

Fun Fact! This coffee shop has such cute items to purchase like mugs, mason jar mugs, shirts, hats, and East Texas flags to show your ETX pride!





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