“Java Jack’s” in Nacogdoches, TX

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If you’re looking for a place that will automatically catch your eye from the very moment you drive by, “Java Jack’s” is the place for you. Instead of being in a strip center setting, like most coffee shops, you will find “Java Jack’s” in a large white brick stand-alone building with a dome like roof. If I was passing by and did not see the coffee shop sign, I truly think I would assume the building was an observatory. How cool and unique is that?! The parking for this shop is actually sensational; they have a pretty large lot. If you’re a college student, you know the bigger the parking lot for a coffee shop, the better. When you walk through the door of “Java Jack’s” you enter into a spacious extremely homey setting. The “Java Jack’s” website describes that when the shop opened their doors in 1996, they wanted to cultivate an atmosphere where someone would want to spend all day, everyday. I adore this way of thinking and think it is an excellent theory to have in mind when designing a coffee shop. The style of the shop has a fresh feel with the combination of light colored wood, white brick, and light blue walls. The shop itself is pretty dimly lit but the lighter tones on the walls, tables, and cabinets help to brighten the place up. “Java Jack’s” has plenty of cute mugs, t-shirts, pour-overs, and coffee roasts displayed to purchase. Everything that is placed on the wall involves some kind of celebration, whether it about coffee, people or nature. Recently, I have really learned to appreciate good art, and the art in this shop is truly beautiful. This shop definitely does not take their love for coffee lightly, as it should be. The counter and bar area is one of the longest ones I have seen yet. They have absolutely delicious looking desserts and snacks to choose from to pair with your coffee. I appreciate a quality dessert and this shop is definitely not lacking in that department. The scones look absolutely to die for. 

As if you thought the shop couldn’t get more neat, there is actually a second level! Walk up the wooden stairs and you will find even more chairs and tables to occupy. Upstairs you will also find a comfy couch and coffee table perfect for catching up with a friend and having a lengthy conversation. The observatory vibe is seen upstairs with the ceiling being a dome with cut out skylights. The style upstairs is more eclectic and funky. There are plants displayed on the side wall and they are clustered in one area to the left as you walk up. Much of the furniture upstairs, the lamps, the chairs and tables, do not match and are many different colors which adds to the originality of “Java Jack’s”. 

Something incredible about this shop is that they actually roast their own beans across the street. “Java Jack’s” has a great variety of fair trade and organic coffee which is awesome. That is something that is important to me and it is cool to know that is important to them as well. They have signature roasts like the “Red Dirt Blend”, the “Lumberjack Blend”, and “Breakfast Blend”. The menu at the shop is extensive and there are many different yummy coffee choices to choose from. My best friend who goes to SFA loves coming to this shop and says that it is a great place to meet up with people for different things. Her go-to drink is a mocha and she says that the mochas at “Java Jack’s” are stellar. Madison got a caramel blended drink at the shop and absolutely loved it. The caramel and coffee flavors balanced each other perfectly and it was not too sweet.

I love it when cities and towns have businesses that are specific for their direct community; that is exactly what this coffee shop is for the town of Nacogdoches and the students at SFA University. If you make it out to the good ole “Nac”, make sure you stop by this coffee shop staple. 


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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