“Jane & John Dough” in Tomball, TX

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Cute play on words, even cuter place.

This coffee shop has been on my list to visit for about a year. A coworker told me about the coolest coffee shop located in the sweetest light blue cottage in Tomball, Texas, and I was instantly wanting to visit. When I looked it up online, it gave me the itch to want to go even more since the shop doesn’t only serve delicious coffee but also wonderful bakery items, as well as breakfast and lunch. Going from College Station to East Texas one drizzly day with Madison, gave me the perfect opportunity to finally give the coffee shop a try.

When we pulled up to the shop, it didn’t disappoint by any means. “Jane & John Dough” is placed on a cute street with other adorable vintage homes that have been transformed into businesses as well. The coffee shop and bakery is located in the cutest light blue cottage you have ever seen with a lovely front porch complete with hanging lights. The yard area is huge and has plenty of beautifully mismatched chairs and tables for you to use on a gorgeous sunny day unlike the one that we visited on. The tables outside are adorned with adorable fresh flowers in unique vases and it makes for the cutest picture opportunities.  When you walk into the cottage, the classic charm from the outside is collaborated with a quirky and artistic flair that makes the shop all its own. The shop is full of older furniture and interesting knick knacks that add to the character of “Jane & John Doe”. One of my favorite parts of the shop is the lovely antique hanging light fixtures that I think really add to the vintage flair. The dark blue painted walls are adorned with the art pieces of local artists, which I completely support. I promise you that there is not a piece of art on the wall that you have seen before. If you find one you like and really can’t live without it, you can find the price below the artwork for purchase. The cottage that the shop is located in is rather small so I do not know if I would recommend this place for studying or getting work done. This shop is a true gathering spot and is full to the brim with people and lively conversations even on a dreary day like the one that we visited on. There were moms catching up with one another with their tiny babies in the strollers, couples on what looked like a date, and friends just hanging out. Most of the seating areas, I would say, are for smaller parties, but there is one larger table in the shop to accommodate bigger parties. Because the shop was so busy the day that we visited, we had to sit in the back hallway bar area close to where the bathrooms are. The hallway bar area is the best place I would say to study or do work if you were to do it at “Jane & John Dough”.

Since the shop is also a bakery, there are amazing looking and smelling tasty treats to choose from to pair with your coffee choice. Madison and I decided to share a duffin which is like a cool combination of a doughnut and muffin. It was incredible to say the least and I promise that you probably have never experienced anything like it before. “Jane & John Dough” uses “Stumptown Coffee Roasters” based out of Portland, Oregon. The menu is a little more traditional and more narrow than some places, but the coffee is good enough to stand on its own and does not need much of the extra syrups and things that can be put into the drinks. I was in the mood for something strong so an americano was the drink of choice for me. The taste was incredibly strong without being bitter, which I love. Madison kept it low key and ordered the drink with a little room for cream. You do not need much cream, though, because the “Stumptown Coffee” really can stand on its own!

If you are looking for some absolutely delicious coffee to pair with unique and tasteful desserts in a perfect Instagram picture-worthy atmosphere, “Jane & John Dough” is the place for you! See you in Tomball!


Allie Boykin

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