“Honeylu’s” in Prosper, TX

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Puppies and coffee…The cutest combo.

Prosper, Texas is probably a town you haven’t heard of before. Well, maybe you have. The Dallas metroplex is expanding quickly and inching further north. Frisco and McKinney, Texas are booming with new businesses and companies planting new roots in these areas. Prosper is just north of the action and the action is swiftly moving its way. The amount of growth the city has seen, just in the past decade is truly remarkable. This being said, with the drastic growth and movement in this area a quality coffee shop people can depend on is a must. “Honeylu’s” has been opened for a mere four months in Prosper. The cute exterior of the shop with the bold and distinct colors of red, black, and white on the sign and logo make “Honeylu’s” stand out. That’s not the only thing that makes the shop stand out. The adorable silhouette of a Dachshund is the logo for the shop and it couldn’t be cuter! The interior of the shop is fresh and crisp and stays true to the key colors in the sign: red, black and white. The white marble counter-tops and the vertical wood paneling on the bar and half of the walls helps to pull together the look. I absolutely love the light colored brick wall to the left when you walk into the shop. On this wall are four pop-art murals of cute fur babies. The owner was actually present at the time of our visit and he was able to describe and talk about the adorable dogs that were presented in the beautiful and fun artwork. He talked about the significance of the fur children in he and his wife’s lives and how they helped to inspire the coffee shop’s name and attributes of it. The love and appreciation for dogs is something truly celebrated and highlighted in this shop because it is totally dog friendly! The stained concrete flooring works perfectly with the look and style of “Honeylu’s” but makes so much logical sense with the puppy friendly atmosphere. There is even a separate section of the menu that says, “For the Fur Babies”, and it includes a “Puppuccino”, “Strawberry Pupsicle”, and “Beef Bonebroth”. What a cool way to make the coffee shop super unique and incorporate something you adore, your dogs! I’m a big fan of embracing something you love and are passionate about and combining it with another passion to make it that much better!

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As I have stated before, I’m trying to be more adventurous with the coffee I order and I’m trying to branch out from my norm. I got the Nitro Coffee cold brew and it was extremely smooth and enjoyable. I was interested to know what the added nitrogen does and they said it helps the caffeine hit faster. Hey, anything that will get caffeine into my system at a faster pace is something I will definitely be a fan of. Madison got the house coffee and loved it. I was able to try it as well and it had a smooth taste like the cold brew. We like to put half and half in our coffee but it is not entirely needed for this coffee unless you want to. I just put a little creamer in my coffee out of habit no matter what. You won’t find frozen blended mixed drinks here for the summer, but you will find some tasty, neat, and unique alternatives. Of course “Honeylu’s” has cold brew and the Nitro cold brew drinks, but they also have something else amazing I had never had before.  This coffee shop has an amazing cascara (which is the skins of coffee cherries) tea that is in a hydrogen bottle so it has the taste of something carbonated. I can one hundred percent say I have never had a drink that tastes like this before. I was a fan! I think it is so cool that the owner gave us the opportunity to even try it. I also love the idea of every bit of the coffee cherry being used, how resourceful! My mom was a big fan of the tea collection that “Honeylu’s” had. We were able to see and smell the leaves and they smelled and looked very delicious! You know I’ll stick with the coffee, always, but I think it is a nice addition when places have nice teas for people that may not be as big coffee lovers.



“Honeylu’s” may be a new kid on the block but its character and cool unique attributes definitely make it a place you need to stop by; don’t forget to bring your favorite furry friend in with you!


purple heart, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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