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I’ve got an embarrassing story for you, I’ve been lost in Celina, Texas before for over an hour. I know this probably doesn’t seem too embarrassing, if you’re thinking that then you don’t know much about Celina. (That’s okay, I don’t either!) But what I do know, from being there multiple times, is that it is a pretty small town. It is definitely growing now, like everywhere else north of Dallas, but the town can still be described as small with a warm hometown feeling. A piece of advice, if you do choose to get lost in Celina, like I did,  get lost in the downtown. The downtown is truly precious and it has some cute shops to check out. The downtown area also houses a really cool ministry called “Gracebridge”. “Gracebridge” is a food pantry that also collects furniture, clothes, glasses, and the awesome news of the Gospel for those in need in the area! If you live close and are looking for somewhere to serve, you definitely should check it out. As you can infer, Celina has a large sense of community and that is something I really like about it. Speaking of the word “community”, that is exactly how I would describe this amazing coffee shop in Celina that Madison and I had the privilege of going to.


“Ground up” is in a strip center area nestled in some neighborhood areas. When Madison and I pulled up to the shop she said, “This shop has the perfect location.” I wish I lived in one of those neighborhoods! How awesome would it be to pull out for work in the morning and not even have to go out of the way for a minute to grab an awesome cup of coffee! There isn’t outdoor patio seating, but there are cute cushioned benches that you can relax on outside and sip on your delicious drinks. The warm hardwood floors and the bluish gray walls are welcoming when you walk into the shop. When you walk into Ground Up, directly to the right there is a comfy couch seating area . Above the couches are  big metal and wood “G” and “U” signs with an arrow. I love the mix of metal and wood, I think the simple yet neat wall art really ties the shop together. The shop has an abundance of seating for whatever need you have. Whether you need the sleek wooden booths for a work chat, a table and chairs for a family hangout, or the couch area for lounging with friends, “Ground Up” is your place! There’s even a bar area if you need to work on that last homework assignment or project for work. “Ground Up” has cute touches all around the store that add a sense of uniqueness and quaintness to the shop. The chalk art work around “Ground Up” is truly my favorite. There is one little space in particular that I’m obsessed with. There is a small black shelf with little cubbies, and in different cubbies there are misalliance colorful mugs. On top of the bookshelf is a chalk art sign that says, “I love you a latte”. That’s one of my favorite saying, so I absolutely love that piece. Around the shop you will find cool chalk art with the name of the shop or the logo. So fun!


Chalk art is cool and the seating is great, but this shop really reminded me what it’s all about. We were able to talk to the owner when we were here and he was able to tell us even more about “Ground Up”. To Celina, this place isn’t just a coffee shop, this is a place of community where people gather to encourage, get-together, and pray. And honestly, what’s better than that? Aesthetics are fun, but it truly comes down to people. Providing a place to meet people’s needs and harbor a sense of togetherness and community is truly incredible and one of the most important qualities of a coffee shop to me. Some shops lack it, but this one most definitely doesn’t. When Madison and I were there at the front counter they were selling CDs of a local artist. “Ground Up” has live music nights where people can come in and grab a coffee and listen to some amazing country music. Speaking of which, country music is my jam, so I am definitely a fan of that!

On top of the community feel of the shop, the coffee is absolutely incredible. They have “Cuvee” coffee, from the Austin area, which are my favorite beans I have tried thus far. When I found out that “Ground Up” had “Cuvee”, I was ecstatic. Madison got a white chocolate mocha, which is one of her favorite drinks out there. She loved it and drank every drop. I got the cold brew with hazelnut and I am such a fan. Having already known that I love “Cuvee” cold brew, I was so excited for my drink. The barista put in the perfect amount of hazelnut and cream so I was set! “Ground Up” has some speciality drinks that I definitey want to branch out and try next time. Some of these drinks include unique names like, “The Hulk” and “Baby Love”. I love when shops have unique drinks and I can not wait to try some of the specials here!


“Ground Up” is a wonderful place in every sense of the word. Not only is the coffee truly amazing, the sense of community and the experience it gives you is so much more. Madison and I will be back to “Ground Up” soon, won’t you come check it out too?

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Photos by Madison Boykin


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