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Orange is the new black?

Rainy days are perfect coffee days. I truly believe that everyday is the perfect coffee day, but something about rain just makes it even better. A good coffee and a cute nook to read a novel or book during a good thunderstorm is truly the best. Well, it was a stormy day and coffee was exactly what we needed. I’d heard about “Global Peace Factory” before.  Frisco is not very far from McKinney at all, but I just hadn’t had a chance to try  it yet. The name is cool and kind of funky, so I was excited to try it out. The coffee shop itself is in a strip center but really does stand out. The building has massive windows with orange trimming that can definitely be easily seen. The only thing that is a little difficult to see though is the sign of the coffee shop. There is a beautiful, but massive, tree that blocks a good part of the sign making it hard to see and read. But other than that, the shop is not hard to find, especially if you put it in Google Maps. When you step into the shop, you are greeted with bright orange colored walls. The concrete floor has a large “Global Peace Factory” logo in the middle of the shop. There is a cool contrast of color that I really like in the shop of the bright orange, grey and white. Those are definitely colors you do not normally see, especially in coffee shops, but they definitely work in this space and make “Global Peace Factory” unique. The staff was super friendly and personable which really stood out.  The storm made the wifi connection in the shop go out, so their checkout computer was being tricky and not wanting to work. The employee gave our drinks a discounted price for our patience and understanding. She did not have to do that by any means, but the fact that she did was very nice and unexpected. I really appreciate quality customer service when I see it so I really admire that at this coffee shop. One of my absolute favorite parts of this coffee shop was the upstairs. The railing for the balcony, that looks down on the rest of the shop, was a chain link fence! I can confidently say that I have never seen or heard of that before. I absolutely loved it! It was different and definitely something a lot of stores probably would not be able to pull off, but I really dug it. The chairs were a mixture of normal black chairs with orange cushions and big comfy claw foot chairs with arm rests. I thought the differentiation of chairs was a quirky and fun touch. There was not much artwork or things hanging on the walls, other than the logo, except for upstairs. The area upstairs had large, pristine quality pictures that just made you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The pictures range from a cute dog wearing a crown, a lady from a different country combing someone’s hair, and children’s artwork. The photos seem to be of random things, but I think it works perfectly with the feel of the shop. I mean, the shop is called “Global Peace Factory”.  I think the photos are just different examples of what brings different people happiness and peace. Everyone has their “thing” that brings a smile to their face and that is going to vary for each person. The coffee shop gives 2 percent of its sales to charity. How cool is that?! The name fits the heart behind and purpose of this coffee shop rather nicely.

E163FC76-FFB8-463E-BEC5-D0DE88DB3FF0EEEF7CBF-4A16-4040-90C0-D0CEED306110918C8807-D0D4-4EC8-BBF8-D698A1387E2853D9BB4C-A776-424F-9AE3-1E8BDADDE2A7FC6C6FED-1F01-4F31-8964-37DD162B595DA6818F20-2C34-4CC2-B5FD-6005851B96DE5903C9FC-1820-499B-B709-EBA7006C8124I ordered the iced coffee and I enjoyed it a lot. It was definitely a stronger brew but that was just what I needed that day and I loved it! Madison and Kaylee split a caramel frozen blended drink and they said it had the perfect amount of sweetness for them. The beans that this shop uses are the “caffe d’arte” beans. I had never tried these beans before or heard of them, but I ended up actually really enjoying them. Something unique about “Global Peace Factory” is that they also sell “Buda Juice”. I do not know much about this juice but I think it is a cool and healthy option for our friends that do not necessarily love coffee. It is cool when coffee shops have other options as well, so I definitely think it is a good thing!

DCD25823-6B93-47F8-A26D-7D5B91EE879FA8FB872E-7DBB-4909-9E35-956DA604337DBF73F12A-44D0-4958-AF9A-BB9637A78375I haven’t seen bright orange work well for anything until I came to “Global Peace Factory”. Quirky fun style, cool people, and great coffee! Head over to Frisco, Texas, and check ’em out!


purple heart, Allie Boykin

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Photos by Madison and Kaylee Boykin

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