“George Coffee + Provisions” in Old Town Coppell, TX

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By George, I think they’ve got it.

What is the “it” that I’m speaking of, do you ask? What I mean by “it” is the absolutely dreaminess of “George Coffee + Provisions” that so many people have told me about and have raved about since it’s opening not so long ago. Sometimes it is easy to think that something might be too good to the true but I would say that “George Coffee + Provisions” is just as good as it is true. The coffee shop is set in Coppell, a Dallas suburb that is nestled around Grapevine, Lewisville and Carrollton. “George Coffee + Provisions” is located in the sweetest neighborhood you could ever picture. Just try it, picture the most adorable neighborhood possible in your mind and I’ll bet you that this one is eve cuter than that. The shop sits on the street with the most charming homes that are new but made to look vintage with their front porches and different color siding. The area is called Old Town Coppell and is home to offices, homes, restaurants and retail buildings that all have the same neat vintage style. In the middle of this area is an adorable park that just makes the place somewhere you might picture on the Hallmark Channel (one of our favorite channels by the way, haha).

When you are walking up to the coffee shop it is impossible not to notice how stately and magnificent the structure really is. “George Coffee + Provisions” is in a beautiful pristine white farmhouse that is just as lovely as it can be. There is a white picket fence around the shop that brings you that whole nostalgic feel that I personally love so much. There is a French porch area with rocking chairs and seating as well as a cement court yard that is full of cute wooden picnic tables with lights strung above. My favorite outdoor feature is a little past the picnic tables outside where there are small lifted gardens with all of the necessities for a good game of corn hole. We love corn hole and we couldn’t pass up as opportunity to play. I love that the coffee shop seriously feels like a home and you can just casually make it out to the side yard for a quick outdoor game with your friends and family, so sweet. The game was close but Kaylee won (just because I let her…okay maybe not).

The inside of “George Coffee + Provisions” truly gives you that warm farmhouse feeling but with a sense of newness and style. There are beautiful hardwood floors with fresh white wood siding with the combination of slick white subway tiles. There are plenty of large windows so that the natural light floods through which is always a nice touch. The seating is plentiful with many smaller tables for two, booth seating, and some larger tables that look like they belong in a home for bigger parties. My favorite seating area that I think is the most homey and comfortable is the couch and two little wooden chairs right in front of the stunning light gray and white fireplace with the wooden mantle topped with antique looking gold candle sticks. This is truly a spot that you can curl up in and enjoy the full ambiance of the place. To the left as you walk into the farmhouse there is a library room that takes your breath away with just a peek. There are books galore and a large wooden table in the middle of the room for meetings, get-togethers, whatever you may have. This is actually a room in the shop that can be rented out for special occasions and meetings. I love when coffee shops have a space like that to be able to provide a place for people to gather for many different reasons. The farmhouse has more to it than just that front room area, when you go off to the right you will make your way down a hallway stretch. There is booth seating for every large window in the hallway and it really is quite the creative seating arrangement. I love that they truly utilized every inch of space that they were working with. In the very back of the house is a stable house that has leather regal looking couch on a sweet light and dark gray rug and table seating as well with gorgeous tall ceilings and exposed beams. This is another room that can be rented out for special occasions and fun things like that. What I adore about this coffee shop is that the people in the shop truly bring the place to life. The design and style of “George Coffee + Provisions” is flawless but honestly, like with anything else, it is the people within that make something stand out. The way that this place was created for people to enjoy, find life, and create memories is truly amazing. From needing a place to work, chill and do a Bible study, hang out with friends and family, you will truly find the perfect space to do any of those things at “George Coffee + Provisions”.

“George Coffee + Provisions” uses Edison Coffee Roasters that are located here in the Dallas area. I actually had quite a hard time deciding what to order here, there were a lot of drinks on the menu that sounded really good to me. I could not decide between the lavender latte, the honey & vanilla latte or cold brew. I decided to stick with the cold brew because I think coffee shops can be measured by their cold brews, I really do. And this cold brew did not disappoint in the slightest. It was strong with a very pleasant after taste which is exactly what I am looking for in a cold brew. Kaylee ordered the Madagascar Vanilla latte and it was very good and compares to vanilla lattes that she has had in the past but this one is not too sweet. The flavoring doesn’t overpower the coffee which is always a plus. Next time in I think I’m going to try that lavender latte, it might just be calling my name.

Going to “George Coffee + Provisions” is truly an experience and I honestly wish I had visited

sooner. I already can’t wait to bring friends to this shop to show them what it is all about. Don’t make the same mistake that I did by waiting to stop by, plan your outing now!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Kaylee Boykin

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