“Frogg Coffee Bar and Creperie” in Allen, TX

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It’s raining, it’s pouring.

I know, I know…It’s been way too long and I apologize. It’s that end of the semester, everything is due, and finals are approaching, time of year and I have been jam packed with school projects, lesson plans, and all that kind of fun stuff.    It’s the time of the semester where it feels like you’re drowning a bit but after next week, once all of my big assignments, projects, and papers are turned in, I will be soaring and flying. So y’all will be able to expect the blogs to be uploaded and updated as usual after next week. Thanks for bearing with me here! (My fellow college peeps, y’all feel my pain. The struggles are real!)

The day that Madison and I visited “Frogg Coffee Bar and Creperie” it was raining cats and dogs. It was the kind of rain that just was not going to give up no matter what. As annoying as rain can be at times, it actually worked really well with the feel of this coffee shop. If I had to describe “Frogg Coffee Bar and Creperie” with only one word, the word I would use would be “charming”. The shop is just so quaint and has a European charm that is not usually found, especially in Texas. The cute shop is nuzzled in the chic and upbeat shopping center called “Watters Creek” in Allen, Texas. Allen is only a short 15 to 20 minute drive from Mckinney, so we do get to visit the area often. “Watters Creek” is a fun escape with a sort of “uptowny” feel in the suburbs. The shopping center has nice restaurants and shops that you do not normally find in malls or strip centers. There is a little man-made stream that winds through the shopping center with adorable little ducks that float around. “Watters Creek” is unique because it has an open grassy area where there are outdoor concerts and events that people can enjoy in the summer. There is also a fun and modern-looking children’s play area for kids to play and have fun while parents enjoy the events going on and get to talk. It is definitely a wonderful place for people to do many different kinds of things.


In my opinion, “Frogg Coffee Bar and Creperie” has one of the very best locations in all of “Watters Creek”. It is right in the area of the children’s play area and the grassy area as well. The perfect place for people to “camp-out” for a few hours while children run around and have fun and be in the middle of whatever may be going on that day or evening. “Frogg Coffee Bar and Creperie” has a very visually appealing exterior with large stone walls and adorable window coverings on the windows on either side of the doors. There is also a large seating area outside with the perfect view of the grassy area. They have cool lights hanging around the outdoor seating area that I would love to see at night and I’m sure they highlight the enchanting feeling that the shop already has. The outside of the shop is unique and definitely has a European vibe. When you walk inside of the shop, the exterior makes way more sense. The coffee shop is all about capturing Paris, and I think they do a wonderful job of making you feel like you really stepped in France. There is an amazing mural on the wall with a busy Paris street and the Eiffel Tower in the background. The light fixtures are funky and unique and add to the fun quirkiness of the shop. There are little Eiffel Tower replicas here and there that go well with the Paris feel of “Frogg Coffee Bar and Creperie”. The fun European feel is intertwined nicely with the community feel that the shop also has. There is a board that highlights different pictures of community members enjoying their coffee at “Frogg Coffee Bar and Creperie”. I love when coffee shops incorporate their customers and celebrate them by highlighting them in their store like that.





The drink we decided to get this time was a white chocolate mocha. Other than just looking really awesome, it tasted absolutely delicious. If you haven’t tried a white chocolate mocha before, I absolutely recommend it one hundred percent. The drink matched the rainy day to a tee. Sitting at the bar facing the outdoor seating area and watching the huge raindrops falling from the sky and sipping on the white chocolate mocha was my definition of perfection. “Frogg Coffee Bar and Creperie” had a large selection of all kinds of crepes that you could ever dream of. The Lemon Blueberry Crepe is definitely on my radar for next time. They also have a small, but amazing-looking breakfast and lunch menu. I am looking forward to having a yummy breakfast and sipping on an incredible coffee beverage on the outside patio when we are back in the area this summer.


Love, Allie Boykin p.s. Next time you hear from us we will be done with our freshman and

junior years of college!!! (Gig ’em!)

Photos by Madison Boykin

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