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The first time I saw “Farmhouse Coffee and Treasures” online I knew I was going to be smitten. When we actually pulled up to the property I was basically beside myself. If you know me at all or if you follow this blog than you definitely know my fascination for all things old and vintage. Just the idea of breathing new life into something that once was so full of it honestly just makes my heart soar. That is exactly what is done here at “Farmhouse Coffee and Treasures” and it is absolutely wonderful. The coffee shop is located in the stunning old Faught farmhouse that was built in 1878. The two story farmhouse was built by John Kelsey Faught around the turn of the 20th century after moving to the land from Tennessee in 1877. The Faughts were farmers and lived off the land. It is so cool to see their heritage and how they lived their lives celebrated and carried out on the land where the “harvest” community now stands. “Harvest” is a community that combines modern living and planning with a hometown and country feel. The Fought house, the location of “Farmhouse Coffee and Treasures”, is right in the middle of this community. Its charming nature brings so much character and heritage to the community. I’m so jealous that the people that live in “Harvest” can just simply walk over to the farmhouse to grab their morning brew in such a picturesque setting. This coffee shop also has a cute trailer that serves their wonderful coffee around and also can be found at different events in the community. I absolutely adore the idea of also having a mobile version of the shop!

The farmhouse is yellow, cheery and grand with a gorgeous wrap around porch that looks like it belongs on a movie full of perfect southern charm. I’m all about it! When you walk into the front entryway there is a stairway directly to your left. The woodwork in the entryway and all throughout the house is simply incredible. The original woodwork is still in place and looks just as good as I am sure it ever did. The flawless woodwork paired with the simple floral wallpaper is cleverly tasteful and I love it. When you walk through the farmhouse you can almost picture what it would have looked like when it was first constructed, imagine what the people looked and lived like. At the same time the modern touches around the place add a nice touch that brings you back to 2018. There are cute antiques and home items you can purchase everywhere you turn, so basically two of my favorite things (coffee and antiques) are perfectly unified. Couches and comfy seating are placed cleverly throughout the home so that you can stroll through and find just the perfect nook to settle in. Tables are placed perfectly by windows and fireplaces for you to find just the right spot to read your favorite book, gather with a friend, work on your laptop and most importantly, drink some delicious coffee.

The coffee shop uses “Hidden House” coffee roasters that is located in California. This roaster is all about quality and hospitality and giving customers amazing coffee. What is really neat is that the roasters are family members of the owners of “Farmhouse Coffee and Treasures”. Actually, the coffee shop itself is a whole family affair which I think is absolutely awesome and so much fun! What started with a family tragedy, ended up bringing family together and being involved in this amazing coffee shop together. The owners have a background in ministry and felt the calling for the family to come together. Family members moved here from all over the country and it all happened in about six weeks. I think that the story of family gathering together and being apart of something like “Farmhouse Coffee and Treasures” together is truly a breath of fresh air. Being able to do something like that with your family is something that most people could only dream about. The coffee shop will turn one this coming July.

Now lets get down to business. The coffee was incredible. I ordered the cold brew with a little bit of whole milk and I would say that it is definitely one of the most unique cold brews I have had. I love cold brew and I have to admit, many cold brews do have somewhat similar tastes. They are not the exact same taste, of course, but pretty similar. This one is not like the others but in a good way! Not that the others are bad, they’re not, just different. I think that this cold brew is definitely unique and I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely order it again. While we were in the shop, the people of “Farmhouse Coffee and Treasures” were so friendly and graciously and offered us a sample of their “granita”. I can honestly say that I have never tasted anything like it and would drink it every day of my life if I could. It tastes like a cold brew ice cream and they can even add in desired flavors. I would order a granita over a frappuccino any day; it is refreshing, tasteful, and definitely not something you can just get anywhere!

Wow, this coffee shop is not something you see everyday. I love the idea of transforming this historical and beautiful home into a lovely gathering place for the community all while keeping the original structure and heritage of the home and simply breathing new life into it. “Farmhouse Coffee and Treasures” is definitely worth going out to and even spendi

ng the day. Go get lost in the beauty of the farmhouse, I can assure you, your tastebuds will definitely get lost in the coffee.


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison and Kaylee Boykin

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