“Emporium Pies” in McKinney, Tx

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I may be (definitely)  biased, but I think McKinney is quite literally the dreamiest town in Texas, if not the entire United States. It is my hometown so you may think I am partial to the town simply because of that. I don’t blame you in the slightest for thinking that, but it’s just not true. The old town charm that McKinney encompasses in the Downtown Square and the area surrounding it is unmatched. Then if you go to the west side of town you’ll experience the newer side of McKinney with Crepe Myrtles lining the medians and neatly manicured parks and walkways. McKinney has so much to offer and I’m extremely proud to live here. Can you tell I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon? IMG_1868IMG_1880IMG_1931 There are many amazing shops and stores in downtown McKinney and you have already read about a few I have already featured. As I have mentioned before, I definitely have a sweet tooth. I don’t go too crazy, but I definitely need my fix of something sweet here and there. Over the past few years, one of my favorite local places to go for dessert has been “Emporium Pies” in Downtown McKinney. The inside of “Emporium Pies” is a pretty accurate description of Madison and my style. I have never been to a place that fits our style as perfectly. But before I jump to that, the exterior is pretty neat as well. The cool logo is displayed on the windows on either sides of the door. There are cute little white tables and chairs outside of the shop so you can enjoy your coffee and pie while also getting to watch the hustle and bustle of the charming downtown. When you walk into the shop, the smell of coffee and pie will literally make your mouth water. But before you venture to the back of the shop to the counter to order, you must admire the loveliness of the shop’s interior. The wooden floors and light grey walls with darker grey paneling fit the antique and vintage vibes of the shop to the tee. The menu is displayed on none other than a gold retro looking mirror. I have definitely never seen that before, but it works. The aged looking gold framed pictures on the walls of different flowers and plants remind me a lot of pictures I have hanging in my own bedroom. One of my favorite touches in shops is the use of fresh flowers. On each quaint metal table there is a small white vase with a beautiful white flower placed in it. At the back of the shop on the counter where you order was the most gorgeous bouquet of mixed flowers. What made this visit to “Emporium Pies” even sweeter was the company we shared it with. We spent the evening galavanting around downtown with some of our very close friends, Montanna and Riley. They are also McKinney locals and love adventuring around town like us. IMG_1890IMG_1878IMG_1876IMG_1906IMG_1148 I love it when places surprise you. I was surprised to discover that “Emporium Pies” has a full coffee menu. The shop uses “Cultivar” Coffee Roasters in Dallas, Texas. I can’t think of absolutely anything better to serve with their delicious pies. We ordered their iced coffee with vanilla. They did not have many flavorings to choose from, but you can never go wrong with vanilla. Iced coffee and a slice of “Smooth Operator” was just what I needed that night. I wouldn’t recommend coming here strictly for their stellar coffee, but it does go nicely with the sweet treats they serve. Don’t forget to mention, that they just look so pretty. Taste is important, but appearance is important too, whether we choose to believe it or not. IMG_1900IMG_1884 2IMG_1892IMG_1893 We are big fans of pies and coffee and hometown gatherings. An evening with good friends and lots of caffeine is our kind of night. Grab a few of your buddies and skip on over to Downtown McKinney for some java and a little something sweet. purple heart, Allie Boykin

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Photos by Montanna Christoffersen and Madison Boykin

Explore McKinney:  http://emporiumpies.com http://www.mckinneytexas.org/115/Main-Street—Historic-Downtown http://cultivarcoffee.com